What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

MIcroblading NYC - What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

In the world of cosmetic procedures, ‘microblading’ and ‘permanent makeup’ are famed terms. For the uninitiated, permanent makeup is more like tattooing, which is used to enhance certain parts of the face as done in case of makeup, except that here a tattooing machine is used. Microblading, on the other hand, is mostly used for creating stunning eyebrows, and instead of a tattoo machine, a special kind of device or hand tool is used. If you visit a permanent make-up clinic, you will find all sorts of choices, and in this post, we take a look at the differences. (more…)

Here’s why eyebrow microblading is worth considering!

eyebrow microblading

Eyebrows frame our face and add to the beauty, but unfortunately, not everyone has dense, thick eyebrows. If you tried cosmetics and failed, microblading may seem like a good alternative. For the uninitiated, microblading is a form of face tattooing, which works wonders for eyebrow enhancement. In this post, we take a look at the basics and why you should consider this. (more…)

What is Eyebrow Microblading? Facts about Semi-Permanent Eyebrow and Microblading


Eyebrows frame your face and are easily one of the focus points of regular makeup. If you have sparse, odd-shaped eyebrows, Eyebrow Microblading is a good option. For the uninitiated, Eyebrow Microblading is the manual method of getting semi-permanent eyebrows. The process involves using a pigment into the surface layer of the skin or dermis, which helps in getting a natural eyebrow, without being reliant on eyebrow gels and fillers. At Karmina Beauty Clinic, we offer PhiBrows Microblading with options like Microneedling Skin Treatment. (more…)

What is the difference between permanent makeup and tattoo?

Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup, as the name implies, is all about having fixed set of facial makeup features. If you are someone, who is constantly bothered about your fake eyelashes being in place or other makeup woes, this is something worth considering. For the uninitiated, permanent makeup involves use of pigmentation for creating shapes, colors and designs that resemble usual makeup. While it may seem similar to that of a tattoo, but permanent makeup is much safer and doesn’t have the same side effects. In this post, let’s discuss how permanent makeup is different from tattoos. (more…)

Is Microneedling Effective and safe for acne scars?


Microneedling, for the uninitiated, is a type of skin treatment that focuses on aging concerns, acne scars and other skin problems. In case the term scares you, it is important to know that Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. At Karmina Beauty Clinic, we focus on offering the best possible skin care for our patients, and that includes collagen induction therapy. We appreciate that busy women don’t have the time to do those DIYS. Which is why treatments like Microneedling are so important. (more…)

NY Beauty Clinic for Facial Treatment

Beauty Clinic NYC

Contemporary beauty clinics have come a long way in recent years. Today, services extend beyond facials and skin treatments, focusing on more specific problems of people, who want and deserve flawless skin. Depending on the skin center you choose, you can expect to get a wide range of treatments, including collagen induction therapy, wrinkle treatments, and other choices like permanent makeup (more…)

Chemical Peel Facial for Acne – Does It Work?

Chemical Peel Facial for Acne – Does It Work?

Acne spots are ugly, and make your skin look pale. Using chemicals to peel off dead skin cells is highly effective in healing acne and dark spots. Chemical peel facial for acne is a quick & effective treatment for dull spots and undesired scars. Depending on your skin type and enhancement needs, Karmina Beauty Clinic offers a variety of facial treatments such as chemical peel. Each treatment is tailor-made to suit individual skin requirements. (more…)

Expert PRP Microneedling @ $360 Only at Karmina Beauty Clinic

Expert PRP Microneedling

Having radiant & youthful skin is not a dream anymore. Karmina Beauty Clinic intelligently blends professional PRP microneedling in NYCwith an attractive price that fits your budget. No more highly-invasive skin treatments that dig a big hole in your pocket, no more skin imperfections! Microneedling combined with PRP can deliver amazing results, and in a cost-effective manner. The prominent beauty clinic, Karmina, now provides expert PRP microneedling in NYC locations at only $360.

Get Glowing Skin and Youthful Complexion with PRP Microneedling. (more…)