Eye Lashes

Karmina Lacku is certified with Elleebana Eyelash lifting. Lash lift is a great alternative to false lashes, more natural look without any maintenance. Lashes appear longer, fuller and curled that will last up to 8 weeks.


In NYC location Karmina Beauty Clinic offers different types of Facials and Chemical Peel, based on your skin type and skin improvement needs, using medical grade products, PCA skincare and SkinCeuticals. Karmina Beauty Clinic offers variety of facial treatment NYC like vampire facial, chemical peel, PRP facial NYC designed to alleviate these specific skin type. Different procedures incorporated in the facial: ultrasonic exfoliation, enzyme peel, extractions, led light, serums and more. For quick and effective treatment of undesirable scars and dull spots, we recommend the chemical peel facial. More than 10 different types of chemical peels, each are customized to suit individual patient's requirement. A series of treatment under chemical peel will give you an exceptional results in texture and tones,allergic infections, fine lines, lighten pigmentation and helping control oil and dynamic acne spots. We formulate a treatment plan designed to target individual patient needs, guaranteeing the best outcomes in the most lessen price possible.

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