Permanent makeup is the ideal solution for every woman who wants to be confident in her own beauty at any time of day and on any occasion. With permanent makeup, you won’t have to worry whether your makeup will last throughout the day. It will also shorten your daily beauty routine and make you feel more confident.Our methods are consistent in offering the newest and safest developments in procedures and technologies to improve our clients’ experience. Karmina has performed a number of procedures for permanent makeup services Forest hills, NYC. Karmina’s Permanent Makeup NYC can help you to achieve the appearance lost or compromised due to the ravages of time or illness, making a genuine and positive extraordinary difference to the way that you look and feel!
Permanent make up is a skin care procedure that can actually work wonders and make you feel ready to go out and about whenever you feel like. It is natural for people to want to look ready whenever they want to leave out of their homes. Since we are all running short of time in today’s world, best permanent makeup is a great way to ensure that we look out best at all hours of the day. Karmina Beauty Clinic encourages the patients to get rid of all the myths and embrace this method of enhancing their beauty by all means. We ensure that we clear all doubts of our customers and give them a permanent solution that they can trust in the long run. With that being said, we also encourage you to ask us questions anytime you want to proceed with the treatment. We will make sure that we answer all your questions. It is a procedure that can enable the customers to look and feel all the better. Being the permanent make up clinic, we make sure to give you the best results.

Permanent makeup is the right choice for you if:

  • If you lead an active life
  • If you are too busy or always late
  • If you need 10 more minutes in the morning
  • If you want to wake up with make up
  • If you want to save time and money
  • If you are allergic to makeup
  • If you don’t want to worry about makeup
  • If you want to look good all day, even early in the morning
  • If you need reconstruction or redefinition

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If you want to make your lips look fuller, more shapely, and more defined, PhiContour permanent makeup lip procedure is the right choice.
Depending on your wishes, with permanent makeup, you can improve the definition of the lips, reshape the lip lines, repair uneven parts or get extra fullness. You can also restore the natural color of your lips, get a natural effect by choosing a pigmented shade close to your natural

lip color or choose a completely different, more vibrant color if you want a more dramatic, makeup look. Please note that the color will be darker during the first 7 days after the procedure, then it will fade and lose 40 to 50% of its intensity. If necessary, a touch up can be done 4 weeks after the treatment.



Eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger and brighter! With permanent makeup NYC, you won’t have to worry about applying it every morning. You can choose winged eyeliner, shaded eyeliner, a natural look, or any other style you want. You can also enhance the lash line by softly shading, which will make your lashes appear thicker, darker, and longer.

All PhiContour permanent makeup NYC procedures are performed with disposable sterile tools. We use PhiContour pigments which are of the highest quality, environmentally friendly, and dermatologically proven and give beautiful results.
In ideal conditions, permanent makeup can last up to 3 years. On oily skin, it will last up to 2 years.

Please note that right after the procedure the eyeliner will have darker tones and look thicker. After a few days it will get a more natural look.


Contraindications for permanent makeup procedures:

Best Permanent makeup Forest Hills, NYC is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with diabetes, people with skin infections or herpes, people who are taking blood-thinning medicines (e.g. aspirin), people with seborrheic dermatitis on eyebrows, people taking chemotherapy, on keloids or if you have a tendency to keloid, etc.

If you had Lasik surgery (laser eye surgery or laser vision correction) you should wait about 3 months for eyeliner procedure.
If you have ever had a cold sore (herpes), you must take virus medications several days prior to lip procedure and continue taking medications 2-3 days after the treatment to prevent herpes outbreak. Your doctor can prescribe virus medications.

After the procedure

During the first week after the procedures avoid sauna, swimming, makeup in the treated area and sun tanning. Always apply a layer of sunscreen on your lips when sun tanning to stop the color from fading.


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Here are a few things you must know about Permanent makeup services:

Permanent Makeup NYC

    • What is Permanent Makeup or Cosmetic Tattooing? : It is one of the fastest-growing trends in the fashion and beauty industry. It is cosmetic makeup, which uses pigmentation techniques for getting designs, shapes, and colors which resemble makeup. It is similar to a tattooing process, however, without the side effects. Example: professional permanent makeup eyeliner, permanent microblading eyebrows, etc. 
    • Does it Last Forever?: No, permanent makeup does not last forever. However, a well-maintained make-up can last for at least 3 to 5 years. Also, it is always possible to sharpen with periodic maintenance from time to time to ensure that you don’t lose the effect of this incredible treatment. 
    • Is it Safe?: Yes, these techniques are completely safe. Make sure you avail yourself of the services of a certified professional permanent makeup artist in NYC for the best results. 

Permanent Makeup NYC

      • Does the Procedure Hurt?: Since the procedure is similar to tattooing, it does hurt a bit and causes mild discomfort. However, professional salons use numbing creams to ensure that the pain is bearable. 
      • Is it Similar to Cosmetic Surgery?: No, permanent makeup is very different from cosmetic surgery. The most important part is that you can go for non-invasive therapy for this type of makeup. While you might have to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries, cosmetic tattooing is done at a fraction of the cost. Also, unlike cosmetic surgery which can completely change one or more of the facial features, this therapy usually highlights the existing features and helps you look better.
      • Does Permanent Makeup Look Fake or Does It Change Colors After Some Time?: This cosmetic procedure is in huge demand because it produces natural-looking results. All you need is the services of an expert permanent makeup artist NYC to get the best results. 

Reasons That Cause Your Permanent Makeup to Fade Away

Permanent Makeup NYC

Are you planning to get a permanent makeup session and want to know how long your makeup will last? As we know, this make-up technique is semi-permanent and will not last for a lifelong period. Karmina Beauty Clinic is the best permanent makeup clinic that guides its customers on how to maintain the pigment or color properly for a long time.  

Two primary factors play a crucial role in shortening or elongating the life of your makeup. These include:
– The most significant aspect that can cause all the effort of a permanent makeup professional in Forest Hills to go into vain is “Time.”
– Over time, your permanent makeup will fade off. 
-An effective way to add to the life of your makeup is to schedule an appointment for a touch-up session twice a year. 
-The touch-up session depends on your skin type and the procedure you had already done.
Intense Exfoliators
– Chemical and physical exfoliators clean your skin by removing debris, dead skin cells, and flaky skin.
– Thus, some people include them in their skincare routine.
– The strong exfoliants used on your skin might decrease the lifespan of your permanent cosmetic tattoo.
– Sometimes, your skin needs exfoliants, so you can go for gentle exfoliants that may prolong the life of your permanent makeup that our professionals perform at Karmina Beauty Clinic in NYC.  

Some Other Features That Determine the Longevity of Your Cosmetic Tattoo Color:  
Exposure to the Sun
Permanent Makeup NYC
– Another major factor that you can’t avoid is exposure to the sun. It causes your pigment to break down and eventually fade off.
– To make sure that your pigment remains intact for a long time, you should not skip using good sunscreen on your face.
– Use sunscreen even on rainy or cloudy days.
– SPF (Sun Protection Factor) has an array of benefits for the user, and protecting your permanent makeup pigment intact is one of them.   
The Pigment
– The life of your cosmetic tattoo also depends on the pigment used while performing the procedure. 
– Carbon-based pigmentation on your face can wash away quickly as compared to other pigments. 
– However, if the professional carry out the permanent makeup procedure correctly, the pigment will stay for a long time on your skin.
– Besides, dark pigments last for a longer time compared to light pigments and need fewer touch-up sessions.
– The lighter pigments need a touch-up session within 6 to 12 months.  

If you are looking for a reliable permanent makeup service in NYC, then Karmina Beauty Clinic is there to address all your needs related to the procedure, its products, precautions to be taken, and more. 
Kind of Tattoo Machine Used for the Makeup
Permanent Makeup NYC
– Some cosmetic professionals count on the best permanent cosmetic tattoo machine for beginners, which may shorten the life of the pigment.
– If the pigmentation will be injected into your skin’s uppermost part, it will fade away earlier than expected.
– The skilled technicians with heavy hands can inject the pigment deeper into your skin.
– Thus, it will prevent your cosmetic color from vanishing faster. However, it will fade away. 

The best thing about permanent makeup is that it is temporary. It implies that you can change your pigment’s color and your mind any time you want. Try these tips to keep your permanent makeup pigment stay for a long time in the treated area.  

Karmina Beauty Clinic is a recognized permanent makeup clinic in Forest Hills, NYC that offers exceptional permanent cosmetic tattooing services at the best prices. The procedure helps you to trim down your time while getting ready for office or a party.