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Permanent Makeup is a one-step solution for all of your make up needs. It is best suited for women who pay special attention to every detail of their appearance. This cosmetic technique helps you enhance specific features of your face especially eyes and lips. Not only can you boost the volume of your eyelashes by getting permanent eyeliner by permanent make-up clinic, you also get a hassle-free makeup routine since you won't need to apply eyeliner daily. You can boost your lip color or restore it to your natural skin color with the permanent lip makeup. The technique helps you in getting plumper lips, which dramatically changes your look. If you are a woman who believes in looking beautiful each day, permanent make is the right choice for you.


Microblading is a semi-permanent technique with which you can get the shape, style, and thickness of eyebrows that you desire. microblading NYC is done with Phibrows disposable tools and blades, paying attention to every detail while drawing the shape of your brows. The results are absolutely natural-looking, yet defined brows.

The process usually takes 2-3 hours to complete, and the results can last 2-3 years depending on how you care for your brows. Unlike tattooing, the microblading process is relatively painless and helps you get back to your daily regime quickly. Microblading in Forest Hills, Queens, NY is perfect for women who want to look beautiful every day.

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Eyebrows are more than a treatment, they are an art


Karmina was born and raised in Serbia. After she had graduated from university (Romanian and Spanish language), she moved to USA in 2010. She has always been in love with beauty, fashion and makeup. In her teen years she had problems with acne and became interested in skin care.

Being an Esthetician and Artist, she believes that the key to success lies in constantly improving yourself by education and practice. That's why she often travels in Europe for continuing education and learning from the best in this industry.

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Let the World Behold You in all Your Glory

Beauty is a difficult thing to maintain, especially if you don’t invest any time, effort, and money towards maintaining it. However, if you do want to be forever beautiful, let us help you. At Karmina Beauty Clinic – Forest Hills, Queens, NYC, we provide some of the most high-quality services in the beauty industry.

Our Beauty Services

  • Permanent Makeup NYC: Our permanent makeup NYC are ideal for women who lead active lifestyles that don’t allow them the time they need to keep up with their beauty demands on a daily basis. The permanent makeup process includes a thorough assessment of your face, following which certain changes are made to your lips and eyes. The result is a much more beautiful version of you, who is sure to blow the world away!
  • Microblading NYC: It becomes really annoying for women when the only things standing between them and beauty are their eyebrows. Women around the world spend thousands of dollars every year to sort out their eyebrows. However, with our microblading NYC, Queens, and Forest Hills, you are guaranteed beautiful eyebrows without having to visit your preferred salon once every now and then. The microblading process involves the use of precise pencils and needles to craft eyebrows that are as close to perfect as you can possibly imagine. While the process itself takes 2-3 hours to complete, you can sustain its results for up to 3 years if you maintain it well.
  • Lash lifts NYC: If you want perfect eyelashes, Karmina Beauty Clinic is the right place for you. Our lash lifting services have been designed to give you eyelashes that are superbly shaped. They appear much fuller and longer as well, and that’s why lash lifts have become popular. The best thing about lash lifts? Almost zero maintenance!
  • Facial Treatment NYC: Just because you want to look beautiful does not mean that you have to invest in lash lifts, microblading, or permanent makeup. Sometimes, all you need is a good old-fashioned facial. At Karmina Beauty Clinic – Forest Hills, Queens, New York, we offer eyelashes and facials that are bound to bring more glow and radiance to your face.

Advanced, Safe, and Effective Cosmetic Equipment

Karmina Lacku and her experienced staff at Karmina Beauty Clinic in New York look forward to helping you with discreet, bespoke care to cater to your aesthetic requirements. Our standard of brilliance ensures personalized attention from a certified team of aestheticians who are skilled in a range of cosmetic procedures.  

Our beauty clinic is dedicated to providing our clients with the best, highly advanced, and safe cosmetic procedures in a compassionate and friendly environment. Our modern equipment helps us achieve outstanding results with minimal discomfort.  

Highly Qualified and Well-Versed Team of Professionals

  • Our team at Karmina Beauty Clinic is a perfect association of cosmetic procedure experts and lifestyle-focused aestheticians.  
  • They are ambitious to provide our clients with effective, natural treatments for excellent results.  
  • The team at our permanent makeup clinic has strong roots in beauty and art, accomplished by comprehensive technical skills and knowledge.  
  • We are passionate and obsessed about achieving the best for our clients. 
  • We focus on natural colors, fine detail, intricate patterns, and the natural development of results.  
  • Each client is special and every cosmetic tattooing service is custom made for the individual to boost their distinct beauty.

Karmina Beauty Clinic has assisted hundreds of clients in getting incredible transformations with our wide selection of advanced cosmetic treatments. From wrinkle reduction and acne scars removal to eyelashes lift and facial, we provide complete facial transformation results that help you be more confident and comfortable in your skin.  

Contact our permanent makeup clinic today to book your appointment and start your own rejuvenation today!