Wearing makeup in winters is one of the most challenging things when it comes to getting ready to go out. The few extra minutes of sleep in your warm cozy bed mean a lot in that cold harsh weather. Permanent Makeup is an ideal solution for extra sleep in winter.

In addition to this, winters also take a toll on your skin and make it dry and flaky. In such a situation, wouldn’t it be great if you could just avoid the makeup routine altogether without compromising on looking presentable? We have just the solution for you:

Permanent Makeup!

Permanent Makeup brow tattooThat’s right! A good Permanent make-up clinic can provide you with an option to get various procedures like Permanent Eyeliner, Lip Tinting, Enhancement of eyebrows, and many more.

Here is a brief explanation about what some of these procedures entail:


Essentially, eyebrow hair is tattooed onto the dermis of your skin, which gives the appearance of fuller eyebrows and completely changes how your face looks. This option is a very good solution for those who have thin eyebrows or the ones suffering from aftereffects of certain conditions like alopecia or chemotherapy.


Also known as Lip Blushing, this procedure involves coloring the lips slightly, to give them a healthier and fresher look. The amount and color of the tint can be customized according to your wishes. For people who have pale lips, lip tinting can work wonders to make your face look healthy.


We all know the struggle of getting your eyeliner right every morning. One eye just never matches the other and takes up a chunk of your time. Now you can get your waterline tattooed permanently, which will save you time as well as energy which you can spend sleeping during the winter months.

These procedures can prove to be a boon for everyone. The people who don’t feel like getting out of bed and the ones who want to keep their skin free from any make-up during the winter season.

lips makeup before afterThere are various reasons why you should opt for permanent makeup during winters. Let’s see what some of those reasons are: The first and foremost thing is that your skin loses all its moisture during the cold. The secretion of natural oils of the skin decreases dramatically. This makes the top layer of our skin weak. Subjecting already weak skin to make up on a daily basis is very harmful to your tissues and may result in long term damage. Whereas permanent makes up is a great option in the winters as it is safe.

1. A thick layer of make-up is not recommended in very cold areas. The reason is that it may smudge due to the snow and give you a very un-esthetic appearance. This is especially true in cases where there is active snowfall or rain. On the other hand, permanent makeup is a good substitute for wearing that thick layer of makeup.

2. Dermatologists suggest that in winters, you shouldn’t wash your face excessively. Wearing make-up will mean that at the end of the day you will have to wash it off too. This isn’t true in case of permanent makeup NYC.

The best Permanent make-up provides you with an easy way to stay at the top of your beauty game, especially when you get it done from a professional place like Karmina Beauty Clinic.

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