Aftercare Advice For Lash Lift: Maintain Your Beautiful Appearance

Lash lift is an amazing process that gives you voluminous lashes for a long time without applying any mascara or extensions. It is a beneficial solution for people who want to add boldness to their eyes and unmatchable beauty to their faces. 

However, even after spending a lot of money and time on the eyelash lift and tint session, the lashes fall too soon. One significant reason for this is the lack of proper aftercare. While professionals enhance the look of your eyes and your face by eyelash lifting, you have to maintain that gorgeous appearance for as long as possible.

In this blog, we will read about the most exclusive lash-care tips, which will help you procure and enjoy the benefits of your luscious lashes for a long time!

Tips to Maintain Your Lash Lift

Eyelash LiftingMentioned below are a few exercises you must follow to ensure the longevity of your lashes after the lash lift.

Extra care for the first 24 hours
Lashes take at least two days to settle properly so they can stay intact for up to 2 months. Therefore, you must take extra care of your lashes for at least 24 hours after the procedure. You should try to keep your lashes away from any kind of moisture. You should steer clear of water, sweat, and tears. Also, you should try to avoid putting on make-up for two days to help your lash perm settle on your eyes.

Don’t use a curler
The sole purpose of getting a lash lift is to refrain from using an eyelash curler. However, if you use a curler, especially too soon after your eyelash lift, you might damage your lashes or make them return to their normal selves. Thus, you should not use a lash curler after getting your lashes lifted.

Avoid using oily products
Try to use oil-free products for your face, especially your eye area. You should not allow oil to reach your lashes in any form- makeup, cleanser, moisturizer, or anything else. Oily products can act against the solution that helps the curls last and coat your lashes with residues that deteriorate the lifespan of your curled lashes.

Use liquid mascara
If you still wish you use mascara to make your lashes more voluminous, you must use liquid mascara. Your mascara must be made of a water-based formula and should not be waterproof, and lash lifts do not mix with waterproof mascaras. Also, water-based mascaras can be removed easily.

Condition your lashesLash lifting
You must condition your lashes daily to ensure their long life and health. This helps them stay in shape and look luscious. For this, you can use castor oil, an effective lash nourisher. All you need to do is glide the oil on the lashes with a cotton swab before going to sleep and wash it with warm water when you wake up.

Treat your eyes and your lashes gently
You should be careful with your eyes after getting a lash lift. You must try not to squash your face in the pillow while sleeping upside down or rub your eyes whenever you feel discomfort. Rubbing your eyes is the worst decision; it can break your lashes or spoil your curl. Also, if you rub your eye within two days of eyelash lifting, you might end up infiltrating your eyes with the lifting solution.

Final words

The most common advice here is to be cautious- be mindful of everything that goes in and around your eyes or might come in contact with your lashes. Take care of your eyes by doing some things and avoiding others. If you want to ensure that your lash lift treatment stays intact for a longer period, it is your duty to handle your lashes with precision and care.

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