Is Lash Lift Worth it? Everything You Need to Know!

Lash Lift

Eyes attract more attention and everyone wants to have soft, fuller, and beautiful eyelashes. One of the latest techniques to enhance these lashes is a lash lift procedure. This beauty trend has recently gained more popularity than eyelash extension.
It is the best option for women who want to have eyelashes that look and feel natural. Lash lifts long for approximately 6 to 8 weeks. (more…)

Why Do We Need Eyelashes and Lash Lift?

Why Do We Need Eyelashes and Lash Lift?

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If you want to give a dramatic change to your eyelashes, an eyelash lift is an answer to it. This treatment will make you ditch your eyelash curls as it semi-permanently curls your eyelashes upwards. It has recently gained a lot of popularity as it is painless and quick and has been sported by many celebrities. (more…)