Covid-19 Safety Guidelines for Your Visit at our Microblading Beauty Clinic

Karmina Beauty Clinic has risen to great standards in times of tough competition which is getting tougher day by day. Karmina has met customer satisfaction an endless number of times and she keeps on assuring her customers a great service through her hard work and experience. There are several services like Microblading Services, Permanent Makeup NYC Services, Phibrow Microblading Services, etc

Which are dispensed at Karmina Beauty Clinic? Karmina is an excellent artist and a specialist in the Phibrow Microblading NYC technique. This technique involves a procedure of creating natural-looking eyebrows to imitate heavier and fuller natural eyebrows.

Even though an unfortunate outbreak of a deadly disease has affected many people and businesses in different ways, but Karmina continues to deliver the best. She has never failed to prove her skillful work and she has given her customers a stupendous experience and even greater results. Karmina has been very particular about any required precaution or any desired safety at her clinic. She has a good sense of social well-being and is very dedicated to taking care of anyone who enters her clinic. In this situation of crises, they have made their responsibility to follow the guidelines set by global bodies like WHO and further by the CDC and US Government. Before the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic, certain sanitation protocols have been in practice at Karmina Beauty Clinic and will remain as her number one priority. The safety of staff, as well as the clients, is her topmost concern. To achieve and maintain a sterile environment certain rules and protocols have been implemented at the clinic.

It is important if you carefully read our new guidelines:

  • Temperature Check

    A temperature check will be done to every client using an Infrared Thermometer Gun before entering the clinic. Any person who will be identified having abnormal temperatures will be asked to go back home and the authorities will be informed immediately.

  • Face Mask

    A face mask has been mandatory for every single person. It will be made sure that a face mask is put on by every person inside the clinic at all times. If you don’t carry your face mask one shall be provided to you at the time of your arrival before entering the clinic.

  • No Extra Person Allowed

    Clients are requested to not bring anyone with them to the clinic. Only those who are undertaking the treatment or start a new treatment will be allowed inside the clinic and the rest will be asked to wait in their conveyance.

  • Hand Washing

    Hand washing is made compulsory for every single person who is entering the clinic. Anyone who shows up has to wash their hands thoroughly first and then they will be allowed to move further in the clinic.

  • Social Distancing

    There will be a clear instruction to all the clients and staff members of the clinic to maintain social distancing by maintaining a minimum of 6ft gap between each other. No unnecessary contact will be tolerated. Appointments will be managed accordingly so that there will be a minimum waiting time.

  • Sterile Environment

    Regular sanitization of the waiting area and the treatment area will be done. All the pieces of equipment will be thoroughly sterilized before usage.

    Karmina Beauty Clinic who is considered to be one of the best beauty clinic in NYC understands clearly this critical situation and will do anything to ensure its clients’ safety. They will keep on delivering their Microblading NYC Services, Phibrow Microblading Services, and will keep on satisfying their customers. They will do absolutely anything for their clients’ well being and welfare.

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