What is the difference between permanent makeup and tattoo?

Permanent makeup, as the name implies, is all about having a fixed set of facial makeup features. If you are someone, who is constantly bothered about your fake eyelashes being in a place or other makeup woes, this is something worth considering. For the uninitiated, Best permanent make-up involves the use of pigmentation for creating shapes, colors, and designs that resemble usual makeup. While it may seem similar to that of a tattoo, but best permanent makeup is much safer and doesn’t have the same side effects. In this post, let’s discuss how permanent makeup is different from tattoos.

Eye tattoo nycThe differences

At Karmina Beauty Clinic, we offer Permanent Makeup NYC at the most affordable prices, but before you go ahead, it is important to understand a few things. Unlike a tattoo, which stays with you for life, unless you choose to get rid of it later, permanent make-up is not technically permanent. If well taken care of, the results are expected to last for as much as five years. This can be called an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The foremost benefit is you don’t have to worry about that particular makeup fix for a while, but since this is not permanent, you don’t have to live with it either. It is possible to enhance your permanent make-up to make it last longer. Coming to the differences, the classification can be done in four categories.

  • Pigmentation depth. Tattoos are permanent, but permanent makeup isn’t.
  • Materials used. There is a considerable difference between the ink used for a tattoo and pigments used for permanent makeup.
  • Procedure. There’s no denying that both can hurt, but permanent makeup doesn’t cause as much discomfort. The procedure also includes a different apparatus.
  • Specialization. Typically, permanent makeup is considered to be a specialization, and only a few clinics offer such treatments. You need to understand that tattooing does involve a few risks and side effects, which isn’t the case with permanent makeup.


Getting treated

If you want help with Eyeliner NYC or need to reduce signs of aging, Karmina Beauty Clinic is here to help. We prefer informing our clients about the things they can expect from permanent make-up, which aids in understanding the procedures and results better. If done right, permanent makeup can be a big advantage for anyone who is always on the run and needs to look perfect for personal and professional reasons. To know more, please ask for an appointment.

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