Here’s Why Spring Is The Perfect Time For Face Peels

Over the past few years, several doctors have researched to discover non-invasive methods to bring back the flawless, spotless complexion that lies beneath the surface of the skin and has found that a chemical peel treatment is the fastest way to get there. Getting a skin peel done before summers arrive helps you look good all summer. Getting peeling done before it gets too hot helps you maintain the skin results throughout the summers. 

Peeling before summers or delay until fall?

Many people delay their peels until the fall due to less exposure to the Sun in winters. But for those who have done this a routine, any weather should work. Other than this, you can also choose between the many professional treatments that can be used to treat your skin all through the year like Deep Clean Mask, Clarify Mash, Revitalize Mask, etc. 

Different Types of Chemical Peels

Light Peels

These peels target the outer layer of the skin called the epidermis. It reduces wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines. The peel uses glycolic acid and salicylic acid to give you the best results. The minimum healing time takes about a week.

Medium Peels

This peel treats the upper layer of the dermis along with the epidermis. This peel removes the wrinkles, pigmentation, and even acne scars. The chemical used in this peel is trichloroacetic acid. It takes 2 weeks to recover from this peel treatment.

Deep Peels

 This targets the inner layers of the skin and the epidermis. It addresses issues of wrinkles, severe scars caused by acne, and skin damaged by the sun. The chemical used is carbolic acid. It takes a few months to recover after this treatment which is slightly longer than other peels.


Peels for specific skin types


A peel comprising of Hydroquinone and Resorcinol is an effective peel to even out skin tone and remove scars. It is meant for tougher skin that requires more exfoliation. Salicylic Acid is a magical formula to treat skin prone to acne.

Sensitive skin

If you are someone with very sensitive skin the tried and tested formula of TCA is a great place to begin from. This can be adjusted depending upon the sensitivity of your skin in each peel. It is a blend of various agents that helps to exfoliate and provides excellent results.


The PCA peel without hydroquinone is the best choice for a pigmented skin. It removes the cells on the surface that have darkened with time and caused pigmentation. This focuses on an even skin tone resulting in clear skin. Another alternative is the Retinol peel that has increased turnover of cells that leaves pigmented skin brighter and with tightened skin.

What to expect after a peeling session?

Usually, the light peels do not require any anesthesia, but for deeper peels, anesthesia is totally required. The area may feel red and sensitive for a few days. The effects of a deeper peel take longer to recover.


Chemical Peel at Karmina’s Beauty Clinic

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