What is the history of permanent make up?

It is tiring and hard to always remember to use an eyeliner, lip blush, or blush before stepping out. This is the reason why many women have turned towards cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup as this doesn’t smudge or smear.

History of Permanent Makeup

Various Mediterranean cultures practiced cosmetic tattooing, as stated by the archaeologists which they found as evidence in tattooed mummies. Later in the 1970’s, there was a rebirth of cosmetic tattooing in the United States. With time a rise in professional experts, nurses, cosmetologists in the industry to offer these services has been noticed.
Sutherland McDonald was the first person to offer tattoo services in London. In 1902, he was the first to perform a documented permanent makeup treatment for ‘pink complexion’ for all-year-round. George Burchett, another tattoo artist had a major role to play to get this recognized in the US in the 1930’s.

Not just for good looks

Women suffering from Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, stroke, arthritis can find it troublesome to apply make-up. Permanent makeup reduces this disappointment. Blind, old, or women with a cataract problem can make use of permanent cosmetic treatment.
Those who are allergic to make up can explore the world of permanent tattooing.
Cancer patients after chemotherapy lose their hair, eyebrows that make them further lose out on their self-confidence. Permanent eyeliners and eyebrows help to boost their self-esteem and does away with the need to apply eyebrows every day.
Patients who suffer from vitiligo may also benefit from cosmetic tattooing. This makes the skin lose its pigment. The permanent makeup blends the skin tones according to the surrounding colored- skin.

The scenario today

A lot has changed in Skincare in NYC. The technique, pigments, and tools used for permanent makeup has improved over the years. Earlier tattooing the eyebrows meant a thin line as compared to Microblading and Microneedling in NYC in recent times.
Another popular para-medical procedure is – nipple-areola restoration. This procedure matches the skin tone to the color of the surrounding area.
The new technique for hair strokes is carbon-free that no longer changes colors while fading. There are new tools with thinner needles to provide more comfort to the clients.


The concept is the same irrespective of the place where you get it done. Iron oxide or titanium dioxide pigments are placed under the skin, although the variation depends on the skin type. Anesthetic and desensitizing products are used to keep the procedure pain free.

Choosing the right technician

This plays a vital role in your whole experience. Choose a permanent cosmetic technician after thorough research. Karmina Beauty Clinic offers the best Microneedling in NYC with several years of experience in this field. If you are keen on looking good all day, this is the right place for you.
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