Makeup is something we all do every day. It has increasingly become more of a necessity than a choice. In such a world, where such a high level of importance is given to looking presentable anywhere and everywhere, and the simultaneous shortage of time on our hands as working professionals, we need quick, easy and preferably permanent solutions that is permanent makeup.

In lieu of this demand, permanent makeup Forest hills, NYC techniques have been developed and they have gained huge prominence in recent times. These include:

Permanent Makeup brow tattoo1. BROW ENHANCEMENT

This technique is based on tattooing eyebrow hair onto naturally thin brows. It can also be useful for people who have certain medical conditions like alopecia, where there is a scarcity of hair on your scalp and brows.


Here, natural lashes are permanently enhanced by using certain techniques. This will give your eye a more naturally defined look, even without using mascara.


Have you ever wanted to have that favorite lip shade on your lips all the time? I’m here to tell you that that’s very much possible. All you have to do is pick out the color you want and get to an expert right away.

And to practice and perform these techniques or procedures, certain expertise is required. Special courses have been designed to teach these techniques to those interested.

Here is how you can become a permanent makeup artist in 5 easy steps:

microblading eyebrow1. Safety Training:

If your work involves being in contact with blood, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires you to take the bloodborne pathogen training. The basic motive is to teach the prevention of infections. This will include sanitation and sterilization of instruments as well.

2. Compulsory training program:

Compulsory training or apprenticeship is required in some places, to give you a license to practice these methods. This would mean practical experience under the guidance of an expert.

3. First aid and safety:

You will need certification in first aid and safety training including CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is given by many community colleges and medical centers.

permanent makeup nyc4. State license:

There may or may not be an examination, along with a practical demonstration of your skills. After being judged by the state, you will be provided with a license if they find you good enough.

5. Certification:

A certificate is provided to you after which you can legally practice and perform the procedures included in that state or territory. Becoming the best permanent makeup artist is one of the few jobs that have a lot of scope in the coming future.

With an increasing number of people depending on their professional permanent makeup clinics like Karmina Beauty Clinic to do what’s best for their appearances, this field is likely to further

expand and open new avenues for all those who are passionate about working in the beauty industry.

And as for the financial aspect, makeup artists are earning truckloads nowadays! So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, let your passion brew and get started with the hustle!

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