How Microblading Eyebrows Differs from Age-old Tattoos for Eyebrow Enhancement?

Two techniques that aim to define, refine and redefine the Eyebrow Enhancement. However, there are many key differences that set them apart and can help you choose the right one


Tattoos render thick dark brow lines that hardly require any precision. Microblading e is an art of great skills, rendering one hair stroke at a time and thus resulting in fine brows.


While tattooed brows look drawn and flat, micro-bladed brows are extremely natural-looking. It is because microblading creates strokes that imitate the natural growth pattern of hairs.


Tattoos involve ink whereas microblading and microblading eyebrows are done using special pigments and analysis.


Tattooed brows would stick to your face as permanent features. Microblading NYC  usually lasts for 1 to 3 years. Now, that initiates other differences between the two techniques:

Tattoo ink tends to change into a greenish-blue hue which definitely looks unimpressive with the passage of time. On the other hand, the pigments used in microblading tend to fade over time, but without changing the hue.

Tattoos that are usually permanent may deprive you of trying new trends in eyebrows and eyelashes. With microblading NYC, you can always go for the latest trend after a few months according to the latest trends.

Pain and Injury

Tattooing is painful and may lead to skin injuries. Microblading involves little discomfort which is easy to bear.

Possibility of Correction

If the eyebrow artist messes up while tattooing, there is no way to fix it up. Microblading NYC, if it renders few strokes wrong, permits the best permanent makeup artist to fix them up in the touch-up session.

Now, you can easily decide which technology can help you have the most impressive eyebrows ever that you never imagined. Our microblading clinic in NYC provides the best treatment to enhance your complete look.

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