Is Microblading Safe During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

What is Microblading?

First, we need to understand what does microblading means. Microblading is a reconstruction process of eyebrows to achieve natural-looking results. It is a semi-permanent manual technique in which a cosmetic pigment is implanted under the skin dermis.  This process is carried out using a very thin and fine handheld blade with tiny needles that create hair-like strokes to imitate natural looking hair in the eyebrows. The result is so natural that it becomes next to impossible to differentiate between the natural eyebrows and the reconstructed eyebrows. Microblading is also very dissimilar to traditionally tattooed eyebrows as the former process is carried out using a very thin blade and the pigment is implanted in the upper region of the dermis. Whereas, the traditional tattooing is carried out using a machine that consists of a bundle of very thin needles that plants the pigment in the lower region of the dermis.

Types of microblading?

There are several types of microblading out of which a few types are very common. It depends upon the condition of an individual as to which type is needed. For instance, Micro feathering is a type in which only a touch to the eyebrows is given for eyebrow shape recovery as there is not much brow hair loss. On the other hand, Ombre Style or Microshading is a type that is used in case very few natural hairs are left.

How long will it last?

Microblading treatment result usually lasts up to 2years rest depending upon the client’s skin type, the amount of pigment implanted, the immediate post-treatment skincare, medical history.

Who needs or requires microblading?

Any person who wishes to add density or color or shape to their brows can undergo this treatment. Our Microblading NYC Services in Forest Hills is open to all the people irrespective of their age, gender and their condition type as our specialist can fix absolutely anything. But it is strongly recommended that you must consult your Doctor, Physician, and your Dermatologist before undergoing this treatment just to be aware of any allergies, reactions, or the after-effects that might come up due to your ongoing medications.

Our Microblading Services, NYC offers the best Microblading specialist who works up with the clients to achieve very unique and perfectly designed shaped eyebrows that would complement their personality.

Impact of coronavirus on microblading services and safety measures to be taken.

An elevated sense of concern regarding Pandemic Covid-19 is understandable. Karmina Beauty Clinic has maintained a sterile environment as per the US Government and CDC guidelines as client safety are their priority concern.

  • Protective gears along with face masks have been made mandatory for anyone who enters the clinic.
  • Washing hands has been made compulsory for everyone.
  • The cleaning staff has been strictly informed to maximize the sanitization and cleaning of every surface of the clinic.
  • The security staff is now equipped with Infrared Thermometer Guns so that no one could enter the clinic without a proper temperature check.
  • Social distancing will be maintained within the premises as appointments will be managed accordingly.

With all these safety measures Karmina Beauty Clinic surely ensures client safety. You can take treatments from Karmina Beauty Clinic without any hesitation or fear.

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