The permanent makeup is a system that can really enable you to look and feel energized regularly. Regardless, with regards to being a corrective system, it is very typical for standard inquiries to rise on account of the expanding popularity of this technique. The experts at Karmina Beauty Clinic, it is made sure that absolutely all doubts of the customers are dealt with in the right ways.

The entire procedure of permanent make up NYC is actually a remedial method that uses tattoos to convey outcomes that resemble make-up, for instance, eyeliner, notwithstanding other enduring choices, for example, transformation in the skin tone, adding shading to the eyelids or lips, and so on. Furthermore, it is used to make eyebrows, especially for people who’ve overplucked them, lost them as a result of maturing, sicknesses, for instance, alopecia, chemotherapy or a genetic agitating impact. It’s also as often as possible used to cover scars and white spots, to smooth the signs of problems like vitiligo and in other cases to help individuals so as to save time in the mornings while they are getting ready.


The technique of Permanent makeup as such does not entail any pain. In fact, as compared to tattoo, the pain experienced in the process of permanent makeup is nothing. However, people who have sensitive skin might experience some uneasiness with regard to getting the procedure done. Additionally, a very important thing to be noted here is that various individuals have diverse limits of feeling the pain. There are particular methodologies that help individuals to get rid of the pain which includes topical treatments, nerve blocking or ointments which help in anti-inflammation. In some cases, local anesthesia is also given to the patients. At the Karmina Beauty Clinic, experts make sure that the process of Permanent Makeup is extremely helpful for women who have horribly vulnerable reactions to cosmetics, have severe vision problems, etc.


1. While getting the process of best Permanent Make up done, it is important to make sure that you find the right artist who maintains safety and the absolute best methods. You would want to make sure that the results are good and for that, it is important to ensure the process is carried out by an expert.

2. The duration of time through which the best permanent makeup stays differs from one person to another. The usual time in which the impact of Permanent Make-up lasts is usually two to three years. An important thing that must be kept in mind is that the original color starts to show only after a month after the process gets over.

3. One can consider Permanent Make up to be like a cosmetic tattoo. In case an expert is in charge of the procedure then there will be no need for any frequent touch-ups. The process will be so effective that it will be visible.

4. Regardless of what the age or gender of a person might be, almost anyone can get the process of Permanent Makeup while taking its advantages immensely.

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