What Is Permanent Makeup? Read This Before You Get One

Imagine waking up and looking perfect. Now imagine this happening every day without the need for makeup. Well, this can be true if you get some permanent makeup done.

For those who are unaware, permanent makeup is nothing but a tattoo technique. This tattooing can give you fuller eyebrows, a lip tint, and a cheek blush. Bot how do you get it done? 

This article is a complete guide to everything you need to know before getting permanent makeup done. If you are looking for the safest and best permanent makeup NYC book an appointment with Karmina Beauty Clinic.


Is permanent make up safe?

The first thing everyone worries about it is whether this is dangerous. Well, the truth is it is safe. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid an infection from the procedure.

  • Do thorough research on the Clinic before you get it done.
  • Hire someone with experience.
  • Speak to former clients.
  • Choose a professional with a license.


Schedule an appointment to inform your dermatologist of the medications you take, the allergies, and sensitivities you suffer from.

A key thing to remember is to take necessary care of the skin when it begins to heal. If compared to a normal tattoo the healing process is shorter. It takes three weeks as the needle doesn’t penetrate the deep layers of the skin.


The permanent make-up treatments that you can avail


  • Microblading

The process creates thin hair in the eyebrows and gives it a fuller look. A blade is used with thin needles that scratch the skin and pour pigment in the tiny wounds. It may sound painful but it isn’t. Karmina offers permanent make up in NYC with a microblading specialist. A numbing cream is applied before to evade the pain in this treatment.

The touch-up process can be done yearly but on average, it lasts up to 2 years.

It might not be indefinitely permanent but more permanent than eyeliner or an eyebrow pencil that gets smudged every day. Permanent makeup differs from a tattoo although it may appear to be similar. The needle doesn’t go as deep in the layers of skin the way it does when you get a tattoo.


  • Lip-blushing

This treatment fills the lips and is nothing but a semi-permanent tattoo. But, here’s the surprise- there is no blush involved in this. This treatment makes the lip looks natural and fuller. If you have undefined lips and spend a lot of time using a lip liner, this is recommended for you.

The process begins by applying a numbing cream to avoid the pain. The after-effects of the treatment may cause flaking, dryness but in a month it is smooth.


  • Permanent-eyeliner

This treatment lasts between one to three years. The process involves microblading and deposits color creating a pigment on the skin. It recreates the eyeliner look that you work on every day without having to bother about smudging or being sensitive to make up.

If you are someone who wants an ‘I woke up like this’ look, then definitely this is for you. This process saves you from the hassle of putting make up every day and saves you from spending regularly on makeup. Always do thorough research for a clinic in whichever area you choose to get it done. After all, it makes your face look good.

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