Quick overview: Everything you need to know about permanent makeup!

Face it – We live in a cosmetic world, where appearance matters and shines. If you are a busy woman with little time for makeup, you can consider the choice called “permanent makeup”. A bunch of permanent make-up services have cropped up in recent years, and that says volumes about its popularity. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s permanent make-up?

In simple words, permanent makeup is a form of tattooing, which is used to create the required beauty effects. From creating eyeliner to getting a permanent pink tone for your lips, everything can be done as a fixed solution. You can also consider microblading in Queens, NYC for your eyebrows, although there are differences in the procedure as compared to permanent makeup.

How permanent is permanent makeup?

Clinics that offer the best permanent makeup in NYC will explain that the procedure is more about pigment and how the pigment is metabolized by the body. Typically, permanent makeup can last for about three to five years, but you need to get touch-ups in between. As long as maintenance is ensured, permanent makeup is pretty permanent.

How safe and pain-free is the procedure?

Typically, people do experience some pain while getting permanent make-up, but the pain is relative, which means different people can feel different levels of pain. There are numbing creams available that will minimize the discomfort and any pain associated with it. Yes, permanent makeup is completely safe, as long as a professional clinic is selected for the procedure.

What else should I know?

Firstly, permanent make-up enhances your existing features, so don’t expect things as you would from cosmetic surgery. This is more of a minimally-invasive procedure, and there are few side effects that subside in no time.

Regardless of whether you want permanent make-up eyebrows NYC or any other enhancement, make sure that you have selected a clinic that can be relied on and get an appointment to know what may work best for your expectations.

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