Thick and arched eyebrows guarantee an attractive face even without putting on any cosmetics. A few ladies don’t have thick eyebrows normally. Microblading is a technique which is the best method to ensure that you have thicker eyebrows. Ladies everywhere throughout the world have been utilizing different techniques to get thick and fuller eyebrows. With a headway of innovation, a couple of new and effective procedure like microblading has been presented in the domain of cosmetics. (more…)

Here’s why eyebrow microblading is worth considering!

permanent Makeup microblading

Eyebrows frame our face and add to the beauty, but unfortunately, not everyone has dense, thick eyebrows. If you tried cosmetics and failed, microblading may seem like a good alternative. For the uninitiated, microblading is a form of face tattooing, which works wonders for eyebrow enhancement. In this post, we take a look at the basics and why you should consider this. (more…)

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