How to Reduce Wrinkles without Lasers or Chemicals?  

How to Reduce Wrinkles without Lasers or Chemicals?  

Aging is an inevitable truth, but thanks to advancements in cosmetic treatments, you can easily minimize the signs of aging. If you are worried about appearing wrinkles but don’t want to opt for those complicated chemical-based treatments and laser options, Microneedling NYC Treatment can be a good choice. What is Microneedling and how effectively does it work on the skin? Here are a few details. (more…)

What is Eyebrow Microblading? Facts about Semi-Permanent Eyebrow and Microblading


Eyebrows frame your face and are easily one of the focus points of regular makeup. If you have sparse, odd-shaped eyebrows, Eyebrow Microblading is a good option. For the uninitiated, Eyebrow Microblading is the manual method of getting semi-permanent eyebrows. The process involves using a pigment in the surface layer of the skin or dermis, which helps in getting a natural eyebrow, without being reliant on eyebrow gels and fillers. At Karmina Beauty Clinic, we offer PhiBrows Microblading with options like Microneedling Skin Treatment. (more…)

Expert PRP Microneedling @ $360 Only at Karmina Beauty Clinic

Expert PRP Microneedling

Having radiant & youthful skin is not a dream anymore. Karmina Beauty Clinic intelligently blends professional PRP microneedling in NYC with an attractive price that fits your budget. No more highly-invasive skin treatments that dig a big hole in your pocket, no more skin imperfections! Microneedling combined with PRP can deliver amazing results, and cost-effectively. The prominent beauty clinic, Karmina, now provides expert PRP microneedling in NYC locations at only $360.

Get Glowing Skin and Youthful Complexion with PRP Microneedling. (more…)

How Semi-permanent Eyebrows Excel over Traditional Eyebrow Enhancement Methods?

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Perfect eyebrows accentuate the beauty of the face. People with flawlessly arched and appropriately bold brows usually stand out in the crowd. If you are not one of them, the craving for eyebrow boost is completely logical. Most probably, you must have been trying the traditional procedures like stenciling, tattooing and eyebrow extensions. Now, you can opt for a better-rewarding option called microbladed semi-permanent eyebrows with obviously more benefits. Start by knowing what makes it absolutely exciting. (more…)