Microblading Permanent Makeup

Microblading NYC is a semi lasting corrective and manual skincare procedure that stores color into the skin. It has various names such as Micro stroking, small-scale pigmentation, 3D eyebrows, etc. Each microblading stroke is connected separately, giving the Microblading expert control of the shape, shading, and thickness of the finished eyebrow. This process results in increasingly perfect, fuller, and symmetrical-looking eyebrows. This strategy is perfect for anybody hoping to improve their eyebrow definition, to cover holes of lost hair, to expand the eyebrows, revise flaws and scars, or might be utilized as a full corrective procedure if the foreheads have nearly little to no hair. The results of this process last from one to two years and this treatment takes roughly one and a half to two hours to finish. (more…)

Get The Perfect Eyebrows Look With Daily Makeup Hassle With Microblading

MIcroblading NYC - Karmina Beauty CLINIC

Eyebrows define your face features and give grace to them. Having beautiful and full eyebrows is a desire for many people out there. Microblading is an invention especially developed for the same purpose. It is a manual tattooing process to provide a semi-permanent pigment to the skin. They use a tool made up of several tiny needles to run over your skin. I added the pigment strokes to your skin toward your natural hair growth, filling and shaping it according to your special face type. It matches the color of the pigment to your lashes suiting your face type. I filled the eyebrow providing the darker color at the arch and fading to the tail. The process results in natural-looking and beautiful eyebrows. The after process eyebrows are so natural looking that it becomes hard to tell if it is unreal. (more…)



Microblading is best explained as an eyebrow design. The process of microblading NYC is tied in with making the best shape for each face, an absolutely bespoke methodology for every customer. The procedure is extremely exact to the device that is utilized which is adequately like a pen with the nib being an inclined cutting edge with 10-12 little needles toward the end that don’t enter the skin however just gently begin to expose what’s underneath, much like a paper cut. The needle very finely embeds featherweight strokes with a therapeutic evaluation color on the epidermis layer for the skin, making fine, practical and characteristic hair strokes. (more…)



Thick and arched eyebrows guarantee an attractive face even without putting on any cosmetics. A few ladies don’t have thick eyebrows normally. Microblading is a technique which is the best method to ensure that you have thicker eyebrows. Ladies everywhere throughout the world have been utilizing different techniques to get thick and fuller eyebrows. With a headway of innovation, a couple of new and effective procedure like microblading has been presented in the domain of cosmetics. (more…)

What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

MIcroblading NYC - Karmina Beauty CLINIC

In the world of cosmetic procedures, ‘Microblading’ and ‘Permanent makeup’ are famed terms. For the uninitiated, permanent makeup is more like tattooing, which is used to enhance certain parts of the face as done in case of makeup, except that here a tattooing machine is used. Microblading, on the other hand, is mostly used for creating stunning eyebrows, and instead of a tattoo machine, a special kind of device or hand tool is used. If you visit a permanent make-up clinic, you will find all sorts of choices, and in this post, we take a look at the differences. (more…)

Here’s why eyebrow microblading is worth considering!

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Eyebrows frame our face and add to the beauty, but unfortunately, not everyone has dense, thick eyebrows. If you tried cosmetics and failed, microblading may seem like a good alternative. For the uninitiated, microblading is a form of face tattooing, which works wonders for eyebrow enhancement. In this post, we take a look at the basics and why you should consider this. (more…)