Is Permanent Makeup Still Popular In 2022?

Permanent Makeup 2022

You may find a variety of permanent makeup alternatives these days, thanks to advances in beauty technology, like cosmetic tattooing and brow and lash tinting. The basic idea behind the procedure is still the same: Tiny color particles are implanted beneath the skin’s surface to provide a makeup effect on the eyebrow, eyeliner, producing freckles, and even foundation.   (more…)

How To Become A Permanent Makeup Artist?

Microblading Permanent Makeup

With a rising demand for the best Permanent makeup experts in the beauty industry, getting formal education and training in this field is a very good career plan today. Not only does it give you an edge over others who are serving without licenses, but it also gives you the confidence to present yourself in a more authentic light, offers the services you can, and then charge your customers with an appropriate amount to justify your service. (more…)