Before And Aftercare Of Permanent Eyeliner Treatment

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

A lot of people think that a permanent eyeliner refers to getting a tattoo of an eyeliner design, but that’s not the case. Permanent Eyeliner NYC is a type of cosmetic tattooing used to create the appearance of fuller, darker eyelashes and to define the shape of the eye. It can be a great way to save time in your makeup routine, and it can also help to give you a more polished look. (more…)

All You Need to know about the Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make up - Permanent Makeup

It is the desire of every woman to look effortlessly beautiful and to be confident about it. But it is a time-consuming process to apply makeup and to take it off every time. So here we are with the permanent makeup service. Permanent makeup is a method of tattooing on the face to enhance your facial features even better. It provides colors to the skin which resemble the makeup. It is commonly used on the skin of the face, eyelids, lips, and eyebrows. It is also used to enhance the breast areola, generally done after breast surgery. It is very natural looking and blends with your skin as no one can make a difference. (more…)



What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that employs permanent pigment in the upper layer of the dermis. The color of the pigment is carefully and skillfully matched with the desired color and then implanted within the skin. I also referred it to as micro-pigmentation, derma pigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing. It’s a method of producing natural-looking designs that resemble manually applied makeup. Permanent Makeup NYC allows you to save your time and energy by slaying the burden of applying makeup daily. Our facial features like eyebrows, lips, eyelashes, eyeliners, etc are key to our beauty. A flawless, natural enhancement can be added to your appearance using this procedure. Permanent Makeup NYC technique, if performed skillfully by a specialist, produces natural-looking results. (more…)



Did you know that a daily makeup routine doesn’t have to be the most time-consuming part of getting ready every day? We know that things like perfecting the eye make up take a lot of time while completing the entire makeup look. With the professional best permanent make up the artistry of an expert like Karmina Beauty Clinic and features like eyelashes NYC, makeup can be super easy. Here are 10 super easy makeup steps you can follow before stepping out of your house on a daily basis: (more…)

How To Become A Permanent Makeup Artist?

Microblading Permanent Makeup

With a rising demand for the best Permanent makeup experts in the beauty industry, getting formal education and training in this field is a very good career plan today. Not only does it give you an edge over others who are serving without licenses, but it also gives you the confidence to present yourself in a more authentic light, offers the services you can, and then charge your customers with an appropriate amount to justify your service. (more…)


Permanent Makeup NYC

Permanent Makeup NYC, otherwise called as cosmetic tattooing is a system that utilizes smaller scale needles to store color into the most profound layer of the epidermis called a basal layer. To make sure that the process of permanent make up is effective, the artist needs to have an advanced permanent makeup machine that functions with fine clean needles, fewer vibrations, topical sedative, a huge variety of colors and other needful supplies at the time of the procedure. Numerous new patterns keep coming up in permanent makeup continually to make this procedure even more effective and successful. (more…)