Did you know that a daily makeup routine doesn’t have to be the most time-consuming part of getting ready every day? We know that things like perfecting the eye make up take a lot of time while completing the entire makeup look. With the professional best permanent make up the artistry of an expert like Karmina Beauty Clinic and features like eyelashes NYC, makeup can be super easy. Here are 10 super easy makeup steps you can follow before stepping out of your house on a daily basis:


Probably one of the most ignored aspects of skincare is keeping your skin hydrated. Find a good moisturizer that suits your skin, preferably one with an SPF, and stick with it. Use it religiously every day, and you’ll soon see the effects in the form of healthy and supple-looking skin.


The biggest myth about applying concealer is that the shade should be lighter than your skin tone. On the contrary, applying a concealer that matches your skin tone as well as possible will give your skin a flawless finish.


Finding the right foundation for your skin tone is another very crucial step. Crucial, not difficult! Just go to any good beauty store and get a beauty professional to help you find your shade. Make sure to match the shade with your face rather than the skin on the back of your hand. These two shades can vary and make a huge difference in how natural your makeup looks.


Use a fine setting powder to set your makeup. The purpose here is to not make your face look too greasy and to make the products last longer on your skin.


A simple addition of blush to your cheeks can make you look healthy and glowing. Try to avoid going too bold with blush, especially for an everyday makeup look.

permanent makeup nyc6. BROWS:

Again, a part of your face which is never a priority, but can completely change the final product. The points to be taken care of in this step are

· Not to use very dark shade. Try to keep it as close to your natural eyebrow color as possible.

· Not to overdraw. No two eyebrows can ever be the same shape. even on the same face, they say, the two eyebrows are like cousins, not twins! So, don’t try to make them look exactly the same. This will only result in fake-looking eyebrows, and what could be worse than that!

eyelashes lash lift7. EYES:

Next, apply a shimmery eye base. This will make your eyes pop out and give them some depth. Another trick is to apply a natural brown shade to your crease, to give the eye some more dimension.


A good Kohl pencil can do the trick here. Apply the kohl to your upper or lower waterlines (or both!). This gives definition to your eyes and further accentuates the eye shape.


Kohl should be followed by a generous application of volumizing mascara. Be sure not to apply clumsy or dry mascara to make your eyelashes NYC look good. Some people nowadays also like to go for a Lash Lift NYC procedure, which makes your lashes look fuller even without any mascara. Celebrities and common people alike are increasingly going on for this procedure.

10. LIPS:

Lastly, add some color to your lips. This is a highly subjective step. Some people like to go with nudes. Others prefer a bolder hue. Either way, lip colors tend to be drying sometimes. So, make sure you hydrate your lips before you apply any color.

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