The Top 5 Reasons Why Microblading Goes Wrong

Do you look in the mirror and think how your eyes are elegant, but your brows could do better? Well, you’re not alone with these thoughts. Many people, especially women, have several concerns regarding their brows’ width, shape, and density. And this is when the phenomenon of eyebrow microblading comes into view. 

The microblading treatment is a semi-permanent creation of eyebrows. This cosmetic procedure involves explicitly fine-tattooing strokes along your desired brow shape. In this, a blade-like tool is handled that harbors many tiny needles.

If you have doubts about microblading gone wrong, and how to fix it? How do these carefully handled procedures go wrong, and what are the common complaints faced by the customers? Keep reading.

Top 5 reasons why microblading goes wrong

Social media has been going crazy on this topic with a thousand permanent eyebrows on board. However, even specialists encounter many bad microblading before and after comparisons. These permanent eyebrows continue to scare away many would-be customers with merely a glance at the unhappy clients’ microblade brows, despite the microblading healing process being painless.

So, we’ve compiled the top five reasons microblading treatment goes wrong.

Unskilled microblading artist

Microblading processMany stores lose customers because of their untrained and underperforming staff. Although many brands offer the best experiences in the market for microblading brows, a technician’s skill determines the rating!

A lot of the time, newbie technicians boost their confidence after a few trials and jump into practice on humans. That is something to look out for yourself. A trained artist would carry proof of their training in any form. So next time you look at a brochure with the option for microblading brows, squint at the artist, not the service.

The artist convinced you to try the look

In microblading, artists often attempt to curate the right look for their clients, but not every time they succeed. Always ask for microblading before and after looks with a similar design to avoid such scenarios.

The experience should be pocket-friendly

We often want to have the best services in the most cost-effective ranges. But does it always do good? Not always. Getting a good permanent makeup artist for an acceptable price is wise, but opting for the lowest price range is known to get you mishaps.

With microblading eyebrows, only inexperienced or not-so-good artists get a range below the bar. Hence, choosing smartly, depending on your budget, is a big way to prevent undesirable microblading treatment. 

You didn’t have a referralMicroblading treatment

Not going through the previous works of your artist is the same as welcoming a disastrous experience. Although this is a semi-permanent treatment, you will still have it for a long time before it goes by. Hence, choosing the right makeup artist for permanent eyebrows will help you more than you can imagine.

Start by looking at the artist’s works and the styles they say would look good on you. After looking better at these, go on for the one you want. Make sure you ask about the microblading healing process.

Didn’t have a good outline drawn

Regardless of the artist’s abilities, check your outline even after you are convinced the shape and style are for you. A frequent mishap is when the artist is confused by the descriptions. You point out that the results are not so satisfying. Therefore, to prevent it, let your artist know exactly what shape, size, and density you want for permanent eyebrows. Then, trust them on the outline and proceed only if you like it.

The bottom line
Do not worry about not finding the right technician for your microblading facial treatments. Because, here at our Karmina Beauty Clinic, we promise to get the best results delivered with no compromise to your experience.

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