People with critical heart problems

People with heart ailments can have excessive bleeding during the treatment, as they use medications that make their blood thin.

Nursing or Pregnant Women

he body of nursing or pregnant women undergoes a lot of hormonal changes, thus they are at a high risk of getting infections.

One with an Autoimmune Disorder

An individual with an autoimmune disorder like frontal fibrosing alopecia or lupus is not the right candidate for the treatment.


Microbladed eyebrows involve tiny punctures, so there are high chances that people undergoing treatment for Keloids might develop keloids scarring


 Epilepsy is a neurological sickness that leads to seizures because of the abnormal nerve cell activities in the brain.

Skin Conditions

It will be difficult for your skin to retain the pigment color if you have bumps, piercing, moles, and raised skin near your eyebrows.