How often should Microneedling be done?

You can schedule microneedling treatments every 4 to 6 weeks until you achieve the desired results. If you want to reduce scars, you’ll probably require 3 to 6 sessions.

Mow many microneedling sessions for acne scars?

If you have acne scars, you’ll need to have six microneedling treatments spaced out over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks: If you have serious skin concerns, you should have 5-8 microneedling treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

How many microneedling sessions for wrinkles?

How many sessions to see results?

You will notice an instant change in the tone and texture of your skin and a healthy glow to the skin surface within 1 to 3 days following your treatment.