24 Karat Gold Facial Treatment Overview

You must have noticed celebrities flaunting their look after getting the most trending – the 24-k gold facial done. It gained popularity after a Japanese company in 2006 discovered this method to get the metal to penetrate the layers of the skin. It is one of the most luxurious skin treatments one could have ever imagined. While there used to be a time when the luxurious treatments were only reserved for royals, it is no longer the same. Gold face masks and gold facials in NYC have become very common in luxurious spa menus. Gold Facials in NYC are expensive but occasionally it is worth it.

Gold Facial Service

Read on to know how the luxury metal 24 Gold Facial can transform your skin.

What is Gold Facial?

The experience of getting a gold facial may differ from one spa to another. The traditional skin routine followed is cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction- but with the addition being the Gold Mask. The aesthetician decides on the procedure but cleaning the face before beginning the facial plays a vital part.

Gold in foil form is rich in minerals and is soft and pliable. It removes the impurities while hydrating the skin.

Benefits of the 24 K gold facial.

There are several benefits of getting a facial NYC done other than being able to post a picture on Instagram. Ayurveda has used gold for medicines and skincare since the beginning of time. Gold delays premature aging of the skin and increases skin-tightening. It is loaded with antioxidants that ward away the toxins of the environment and reverses sun damage. This is why clients after treatment always report saying that the skin feels softer, brighter, and supple. The 24k Gold facial boosts elastin production and promotes the regeneration of the skin. 

So save the extra money and get this done NOW.

Additional benefits of the facial are:

– It works well for dry and oily skin.
– It improves blood circulation in the area.
– Improves lymphatic drainage.
– Removes toxins from the skin.
– Restores the skin and improves the elasticity of the skin.
– The properties of gold help to reduce fine lines because of its anti-aging properties.
– It reverses the sun damage caused to the skin.
– It benefits skin lightening and controls pigment formation.

24K Gold Facial NYC

How much do you spend for a 24 K Gold Facial? 

Well, when it first came into the limelight it became headlines for its exorbitant price and not the ingredients. But with the popularity and increase in demand, several Spas offering these services have led to a drop in their prices. It is still a luxury facial where you are expected to spend somewhere between $100 to $400 for a gold facial package.

Well, you can try the DIY gold facials at home too. Find out how.

This is one of the best ways to utilize the benefits of the facial without emptying your bank. The mask available in a face kit serves the purpose. However, there is a difference in getting it done by a professional at the salon, with the right massage techniques.

 Things to remember while doing at home are

– Use the cleanser that comes with the kit.
– Pat’s face was dry and exfoliated with the gold scrub given in the kit.
– Use the gold facial cream and massage with gentle upward strokes on the neck and face. You may get a gel or a cream that varies with
  the kit.
– Leave the cream for a few minutes and then use a wet wipe cloth to wipe the face.
– Now, here’s the main part. Use the gold facial mask and apply it to your face. Leave it on until it’s dry.
– Cool your skin using a cold compress for 10-15 minutes.
– Finish off the facial by using a moisturizing lotion.

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