How to Care For Your Skin Before and After Microneedling

Here are some skincare tips to follow if you are considering a microneedling treatment.

Microneedling is a process in which a device covered with tiny slight needles causes a micro-injury on your skin to increase collagen production. This FDA approved treatment rejuvenates and improves the skin texture by reducing the lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and treats open pores. The concept of microneedling is based on the principle that the skin has the ability to heal itself when it incurs a physical injury like cuts and burns. By boosting collagen production it creates a channel for serums to be absorbed through the skin.

It requires about 4 sittings and addresses a number of concerns like

  1. Wrinkles and deep lines on the face
  2. Acne scars, Injury scars
  3. Skin pigmentation
  4. Restores the elasticity of the skin

Ways to care for your skin before and after the process of Microneedling

Following these skin care tips will help in a smooth treatment with minimum side effects.

Pre-Treatment Care

  1. You will likely be asked to discontinue topical creams for 3-5 days before you start your procedure.
  2. Exfoliants, retinoids, topical antibiotics increase the sensitivity of the skin and are better discontinued before treatment.
  3. Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin for 3-5 days before you set up your micro-needling setting. The treatment cause inflammation and these medicines may interfere with this process that is essential for skin rejuvenation.
  4. No sunburns or laser treatments prior to a week before your appointment.
  5. No waxing, electrolysis, or depilatory creams before the procedure.
  6. If you need to shave, shave 2-3 days before to avoid shaving on the day of the treatment.
  7. If you are on blood thinners you need to avoid them temporarily as it may interfere with the microneedling procedure.


Post-treatment care

  1. Avoid anti-inflammatory medications up to a week
  2. Do not apply ice on the face
  3. Do not apply active skincare products like Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beta hydroxy acid, Retinol, etc.
  4. Avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight for 24 hours.
  5. No strenuous activity for 2 days after the treatment.
  6. Avoid going to the gym or pool where you can be exposed to harmful bacteria.
  7. Use a chemical-free sunscreen after 24 hours of treatment.


What to expect after the treatment?

  1. The skin begins to feel polished and light.
  2. You can expect peeling to begin between 2-7 days
  3. For some peeling begins after 2-4 sittings
  4. The outcome of the procedure is smooth, glowing, healthy, and pigmented free skin.
  5. Spaced out at 3 weeks you are likely to receive 6 chemical peels. You are required to follow a specific skin regime to return back for exfoliation after 4 weeks.


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