Confused by your choice in the chemical peel? Check out this basic Guide 2019!

The chemical peel is the treatment of the skin to grow the skin and improve the look and softness through the non-surgical process. The facial chemical peels remove the dead or damaged cells of the skin so that patient can be cured of the acne scars, sun damages, and fine lines. It products subsurface collagen fibers in the skin which grow the new and healthy skin. 

The person who needs skin treatment is usually found with a question that is which chemical peel near me available. Here are the few types of chemical peel NYC:

Light peel or superficial peel:

 This type of peels are manufactured by chemicals such as Alpha or beta hydroxy acids, are used. This treatment targets the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. It reduces the blemishes and superficial fine lines. The skin recovery time may last about a week.

Medium peels:

 This type of peels are manufactured by a chemical like trichloroacetic acid, is used. In order to remove acne scars, moderate wrinkles, or pigmentation, it first reduces the effect at the upper dermis or epidermis. This recovers the skin in a few weeks. 

Deep Peels:

This type of peels is manufactured by mainly phenol acid, used in this treatment. It emphasizes on deep dermis and epidermis and removes severe acne scars, and sun-damaged skin, and deeper wrinkles. The recovery time may last for a few months. 

A person should consult a dermatologist to know which type to opt for according to their skin type. Thanks to customization, a different chemical peel can be made in any chemical peel near me or chemical peel NYC.

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