Why Do We Need Eyelashes and Lash Lift?

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If you want to give a dramatic change to your eyelashes, an eyelash lift is an answer to it. This treatment will make you ditch your eyelash curls as it semi-permanently curls your eyelashes upwards. It has recently gained a lot of popularity as it is painless and quick and has been sported by many celebrities.

What is it?

Lash LiftThis relaxing procedure just needs you to lie down while your eyelash artist covers the skin of the eyes with silicone pads. A solution is then applied that tints your eyelashes to roll upwards. Once the lashes separate you will notice the outcome. It must be noted that this procedure is for upper lashes only. It takes about 10-15 minutes depending upon the customer.

There are different molds for different curls and extra precautions must be taken to ensure the solution doesn’t touch the tips to avoid breakage. 

After the solution is wiped, conditioning oil is applied to the eyelashes.

The benefits of lash lifting

– It magnifies your existing eyelashes. There is no requirement to add anything to do the eyelashes. The procedure works on the existing eyelashes and just makes it better.

– It works for short eyelashes as well. The treatment works for any eyelash irrespective of length and density.

– The natural eyelashes may look flat or straight which makes them appear short. Lash lifting gives the lashes a fuller look making the short eyelashes appear longer and darker.

– It is a semi-permanent look that lasts a long time. This saves you from the tenuous applications of eyelash extensions and removals. This treatment is a quicker alternative to give that stunning feeling of long sturdy eyelashes and is low maintenance too.

Eye tattoo nycThe need for eyelash lifting

Long Eye-lashes make you look attractive and beautiful but they serve other purposes too

– Eyelashes safeguard the eyes. Pollutants like sand, air, and dust particles can enter the eye, and the eyelashes act as a natural barrier to them. It keeps the particles at bay.

– The eyelashes protect the eyes against moisture. It prevents direct moisture like rain or sweat from entering the eyes.

– It protects the most vital organ-the eye. If there is a danger around the eyelashes, it senses it like a cat’s whiskers and alerts you. The eyelashes help by emitting signals to the eyelids about when to shut to protect the eye.

– It acts as a natural filter to the harmful rays of the Sun. It cannot be the replacement for sunglass but it shields the vital organ from that sunlight.

How long does this procedure last?

The eyelash lift in NYC lasts between 6-8 weeks. For some, it could even last up to 10 weeks.

Once the procedure is done and 24 hours have passed by, you can go back to your old routine of washing the eyes, wearing a mascara, etc. Once it is done there no wearing off for the said period.

Things you must know

If you’ve had laser surgery or had a cataract operation, this is not for you. This is not recommended to anyone undergoing any treatment of the eye.

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