What is Best Microneedling Method: Dermaroller vs Dermapen

With the advent of so many new methods of skincare in today’s world, it becomes difficult to choose among them. In this confusing situation, we bring to you the pros and cons of two of the very popular methods: Dermarolling and Dermapen

Microneedling PenSimilarities between Dermarolling and Dermapen:

· Both of these methods are ways of Microneedling NYC.

· The basic concept is that microscopic punctures are made on the skin. This initiates a repair process in the skin tissues.

· There is increased collagen formation in the skin. Collagen forms the major protein component of your skin.

· This will further cause the skin to be firmer and more elastic, along with the added benefit of making it look fresh and supple.

· A Dermaroller is available in various types. These types depend upon the size of the needles on the roller. In most cases, a 0.5mm roller is recommended. A Dermapen NYC, on the other hand, can be used at varying speeds, which is controlled by the operator.

The main difference between Dermarolling and Dermapen is the way these methods are practiced and the instruments used. Dermarolling is usually an at-home method where you can use the instrument on your own skin and there’s no need for an expert. On the other hand, a dermapen is mostly used by experts in professional clinics.

A dermaroller, as the name suggests is a roller with microscopic spikes on it. These spikes penetrate the skin tissue, forming tiny perforations on it. The dermapen works on a similar principle, except the fact that it is electronically operated. This means that both the frequency and the direction of these perforations are in the control of the operator. This gives a more even coverage of the area to be treated.

DERMAROLLER There are certain advantages of the Dermapen that prevail over Dermaroller. Some of these are:

· Some areas are difficult to reach with a Dermaroller. A Dermapen is relatively compact and can be maneuvered into such areas, with more control.

· Dermapen is more effective in terms of consistency of the punctures in the skin. This gives better results.

· Dermapen is faster. The frequency of the microscopic needles hitting the skin is in the control of the operator. More area can be covered with lesser effort and more effectiveness as compared to the Dermaroller.

· The Dermapen causes minimal damage to epidermis since all the needles puncture the skin at right angles. The Dermaroller, on the other hand, may cause some undue tissue damage due to human error.

· Vertical delivery ensures needles won’t bend in thickened tissue while using Dermapen.

· The Dermapen has proven to be less uncomfortable for the client.

In conclusion, it’s always better to get advice from an expert before starting any kind of skin treatment. The main reason behind this is that we all have different skin types, which makes our skin problems very different from that of the next person. Every skin type requires a customized treatment plan which solves those particular problems, rather than a generalized skin care process. Karmina Beauty Clinic has experts in the field of skincare. With years of industry experience, they give you the best solutions to your skin-related problems.

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