What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

In the world of cosmetic procedures, ‘Microblading’ and ‘Permanent makeup’ are famed terms. For the uninitiated, permanent makeup is more like tattooing, which is used to enhance certain parts of the face as done in case of makeup, except that here a tattooing machine is used. Microblading, on the other hand, is mostly used for creating stunning eyebrows, and instead of a tattoo machine, a special kind of device or hand tool is used. If you visit a permanent make-up clinic, you will find all sorts of choices, and in this post, we take a look at the differences.

The difference in application

Permanent makeup is just that – permanent. It is done using a machine that’s similar to tattooing. Microblading involves a manual blade instead, which contains microneedles that create hair-like strokes to mimic the effect of natural eyebrows. The results last for about two to three years, and in between, you will require touch-ups. If you check for clinics offering permanent makeup eyebrows NYC, you may find both the choices, but microblading offers more natural results, even if the same is not as long-lasting as permanent tattooing.

The difference in use

Permanent make-up Clinics that offer microblading NYC usually explain the process to clients in advance. The use of microblading is limited to the eyebrows, while permanent makeup can concern any part of the face or body. For example, you may want to enhance your lips, create fake eyeliner and so on.

The difference in results

As mentioned, microblading isn’t permanent, and this is because the pigment isn’t applied or deposited deep into the skin as in case of regular tattoos and permanent makeup. The latter is more like tattoos in terms of results. If you visit a clinic for the best permanent makeup NYC, you will realize that touch-ups are necessary even with this option, but you only need to visit after four to five years. The body will metabolize the pigment, the rate of which can differ may differ from person to person. As such, some people may need more frequent touch-ups than others. Dark pigment usually tends to last longer.

Both treatments are customized one so the technician will consider your skin color, tone, and expectations before taking a call on the pigment. To know more on microblading eyebrows NYC, check online and find a clinic that’s willing to share all the relevant information, including side effects and costs.

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