Why Should Your Brows Microbladed by a Certified Microblading Artist?

The natural-looking face becomes ecstatically smart and expressive with fully grown, dark eyebrows. Poor growth or damaged, carelessly plucked brows can lead to unhappiness and embarrassment for many individuals. Women try to improve their looks by using brow gel, an eyebrow pencil, or tattoos.

You can opt for any eyebrow look you want, including:

– Bold

young woman getting beauty treatment her eyebrows

– Feathered

– Straight

– Thin

– Arched

– Curved, or more

With innovations in science and technology, there evolved a state-of-the-art semi-permanent eyebrow pigmenting technique called microblading or eyebrow tattooing. It is the best alternative for

– Filling in the space between eyebrow hairs

– Enhancing the looks of natural eyebrows

– Restoring eyebrows that are lost because of medical problems, and more

If you want to achieve outstanding results with your semi-permanent makeup treatment, look for a certified microblading artist. 

Here are a few reasons selecting a licensed artist can significantly benefit you :

1) Advanced Equipment: 

Eyebrow microblading equipment and methods constantly help proficient artists. These techniques and tools provide exact hair strokes, flawless symmetry, and a splendid eyebrow shape.

a) It improves your natural shape of the bone structure and face.
b) premium quality stainless steel is used to make these beauty tools.
c) The equipment is sterile and undergoes difficult testing to guarantee perfection.
d) The tools make clean cuts and cause the least damage as compared to any other microblading technique.

Beautician doing an eyebrow treatment for her female client

2) Safety:

Microblading is the safest process available for the enrichment of eyebrows. The experienced and certified specialists help you determine which pathology and medical condition are not suitable for this procedure.

3) Comprehensive Training:

A certified microblading artist can produce wonderful work. Her rigorous training course helps her gain the knowledge and skills required to create desired eyebrow tattooing appearance.
This course needs aspirants to clear different mastery levels to ensure that their procedures and work can maintain a high standard.

4) Safe Products: 

The clinic uses products that are regularly tested and reassessed to produce first-rate pigments available. It uses only high-quality, safe, vegan, and cruelty-free products, along with disposable sterile needles.
The pigments have a long-lasting color and don’t change into varied shades. The artists don’t use any heavy metals that are used in the other permanent makeup colors.
Since microblading colors don’t comprise hefty metals, they don’t cause any skin reaction or allergy, change shade, or migrate.

Why Should Your Brows Microbladed by a Certified Microblading Artist?

5) Mapping of Eyebrows:

Through attentive assessments and dimensions, an experienced artist makes stunning eyebrows that look natural, dark, and fully grown. She determines perfect eyebrows, based on the proportions and bone structure of face.
You need approximately 1 to 1:30 hours to discover what type, thickness, and shape suits you. When planning new brows, artists consider all of your specifications and requirements. The most significant part of eyebrow tattooing is attaining perfection while giving your clients a perfect shape.

Consequences of Hiring a Non- Certified Microblading Artist

a) To have long-lasting and safe results of microblading, it is your responsibility to select an artist who is certified and has vast experience in the permanent makeup industry.
b) An inexperienced and non-certified microblading artist can produce harmful effects on your skin. You can face major issues, for instance:
You can develop allergic reactions to your eyebrows. Enquire about the colors used and how she can make sure that the clients are not allergic to any microblading products.Microblading eyebrows
Transmission of contagious diseases can take place if the practitioner doesn’t use sterile and safe tools. It can cause diseases like hepatitis, HIV, and other serious skin infections, as well.
So, choose a certified microblading artist who puts your safety and health first during the procedure, maintains hygiene, and keeps all the equipment sterile. The technician must be capable of satisfying your queries related to the care you need to take after the process.
Microblading is a rewarding job with exceptional earning potential. You will feel immensely satisfied to help others boost their confidence through e eyebrows augmentation.

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