Here’s why eyebrow microblading is worth considering!

Eyebrows frame our face and add to the beauty, but unfortunately, not everyone has dense, thick eyebrows. If you tried cosmetics and failed, microblading may seem like a good alternative. For the uninitiated, microblading is a form of face tattooing, which works wonders for eyebrow enhancement. In this post, we take a look at the basics and why you should consider this.

What’s eyebrow microblading?Microblading NYC

To break the myth, microblading isn’t the same as regular tattooing, because the pigments are implanted in the skin, but without using a machine. There are microblading tools, which help in creating a mimicked effect of natural brows. Microblading is not a regular tattoo in the sense that the pigments are not deep in the skin, but is still effective as a tattoo. Microblading services have evolved considerably over the years, and there are many options now, like Micro-feathering, and you can even choose to get an ombre effect.

Get results for up to three years

While microblading isn’t permanent, the results can last for as long as three years, although you may need touchups in between. The pigment appearance may change, depending on the body’s metabolism, but you will still have fuller brows. Today, eyebrow microblading remains one of the most opted cosmetic procedures, and there isn’t any pain involved, although that can be a relative thing. It would be safe to say that you may feel some pain, but it’s nowhere close to tattooing.

Always select a good clinic

A reputed and experienced clinic makes eyebrow microblading easy for their clients. You can expect to get complete advice on preparation and aftercare, which includes avoiding medications that can thin the blood. As mentioned, there isn’t any pain involved, but if you are sensitive to discomfort and slight pain, you can always talk to the clinic and ask about numbing creams. Ask about touchups, which are usually required after six months or more.

To know more about Microblading queens, check online and find a reliable clinic near you. Take an appointment and discuss your eyebrow concerns to know if this is the right choice of cosmetic treatment.

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