The thought of moving several minor needles all over your face for the sake of better skin may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, particularly for the people who are dark skinned. This is because they are progressively inclined to giving indications of skin injury like scars and dim spots. In any case, when those little needles are used in the form of microneedling NYC, it helps in refining the skin surface and appearance much more.

All things considered, there’s as yet confusion that it is best that people with dark skinned a strategic distance from this treatment. This is just a myth. Let’s understand how:


Microneedling PenBefore surveying the genuine advantages and dangers of microneedling, it’s basic to comprehend what this treatment means. Best Microneedling NYC is a treatment which small needles by method for a gadget that makes little punctures in the skin. It makes channels that enable the skin to rebuild itself. The needles make different minor wounds, which will at that point enable your skin to recuperate and create a revived complexion.

Some of the most expert skin care specialists from Karmina Beauty Clinic swear by this treatment for a significant number of patients who have skin break out scars, huge pores, hyperpigmentation, or an uneven composition. Its general purpose is to animate collagen generation and produce an even skin tone.

According to the experts, it’s an incredible treatment if your skin feels dull as it likewise enables the skin care products to reach in deeper pores of the skin and create a better effect.


One of the primary confusions about microneedling is that the punctures brought about by the treatment are not safe for dark skin or they can cause darkening of the skin. This belief is completely irrational. If it would have been true then each time somebody got a biopsy or got their blood drawn, a scar would be deserted. The profundity of entrance hits the dermis since you need to animate collagen, yet to get it to scar you need to cut into the dermis. That is not what occurs with microneedling, when done accurately. The needles are so small that there no chances of any problems.

However, the process must be done under expert supervision of the specialists. This is even more important if the patients have a deeper skin tone.

prp microneedlingEXPERT SUPERVISION:

Before going in for the treatment, it is very important for all the patients to make sure that they are getting the process done from an expert microneedling dermatologist. Regardless of the fact if the skin is dark, the results are always amazing. If a professional skin care specialist is in charge then the results will always become much better and brighter. The specialist will advise the patients to take pre and post care. This helps in improving the results to a great level.

Once the treatment, the face takes about a week to show the real results. After this, the skin starts to shine like never before.

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