Microneedling NYC has been a progressive treatment in recent times when it comes to beauty and health. It is a treatment that assures glowing, rejuvenated and youthful skin. This treatment is all the more beneficial if someone wants to refresh their sun damaged skin, wrinkled skin and scarred or blemished skin.


Microneedling Pen

Microneedling is also referred to as the collagen induction therapy and involves a pen-like device that creates fine holes in the topmost layer of the skin. The process basically involves controlled wounds that help in opening up the skin with the help of small holes. The healing action of the skin stimulates collagen which further helps in smoothening out wrinkles and fine lines making the treatment of Microneedling for wrinkles highly effective. In fact, many people have reported a much youthful and better-looking skin absolutely free of wrinkles after getting the microneedling treatment. Upon completion of this process, an application of medically prescribed cream is highly advised.


Widely known to treat sun damaged and wrinkled skin, the process of Microneedling NYC is proven to improve profound acne scars and dull looking skin in general. Although the process is commonly used on the face since recent times, it has also been used on other parts of the human body. It helps in reducing the stretch marks and smoothening out thighs as well. Skin rejuvenation is done best with the help of microneedling treatment.


Microneedling Fine Lines

As such, the process of microneedling NYC entails no risks at all. However, there are a couple of things that the patients must be aware of before going in for the procedure.

· A topical cream is applied to the skin before the procedure starts. This cream assists in controlling the pokey sensation felt at the time of the procedure. After the completion of the procedure, the skin remains a little red ranging from five to seven days.

· Although the holes are tiny, it must be kept in mind that the wounds are open and vulnerable to dirt or irritation. It is vital to keep the skin absolutely clean and stay away from any lotions or creams that cause irritation. One must also stay away from physically exhausting exercises, going for a swim, etc.

· A little discoloration may occur after the procedure but that is only for a little while and goes away pretty soon.

· A good amount of sun protection in the form of sunscreen and other measures told by the doctor is extremely important as well. The application of sunscreen before and after the procedure of microneedling helps to make sure that the procedure produces optimal results. As a result, the wrinkles and fine lines get reduced to a big extent.

With all these important details mentioned and taken care of mindfully, an extremely important thing is to make sure that the treatment is done under the guidance of experienced skin care specialists like that of Karmina Beauty Clinic. The specialists at Karmina Lacku are certified and skilled to make sure that you get an absolutely rejuvenated skin. They make sure that the patients understand the treatment well, know what to expect from it and how it will benefit them. Get the procedure of microneedling to get visibly younger, attractive and beautiful looking skin.

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