Combining Microneedling With PRP and Its Benefits?

PRP Microneedling is a refined collagen induction therapy. Using a special electronic device, therapists create tiny holes in the topmost layer of the skin to activate chemicals under the skin surface. This stimulates collagen re-growth along with other cells.

PRP Microneedling

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP Microneedling NYC, however, is a different therapy. It is a more specific and targeted therapy that rejuvenates the skin. Concentrated blood plasma is inserted into the skin through small injections around the face to stimulate faster skin repair. It also induced collagen replacement. In order to achieve rapid and eye-catching results, PRP therapy is combined with Microneedling.

Skin Repair:

Microneedling services NYC is popular owing to its fine results. PRP therapy combined with Microneedling repairs skin imperfections like sunspots, acne scars, stretch marks, melasma, and wrinkles.

Non-Invasive Therapy:

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure. Microneedling is a painless treatment, no pain or skin damage associated with this therapy treatment.

Shorter Recovery Period:

As there is no incision involved, you can get back to normal life very soon. However, you cannot wear makeup or sunbathe for many days. Exercise is also not recommended for a few days post-treatment. The face might seem to be reddish and feel tighter and warmer than usual, which subsides soon.

Painless Procedure:

This technique is painless. It affects only the topmost skin layer where there are no nerves involved. In fact, clients often find the procedure to be relaxing and comfortable.

Long-lasting Results:

Microneedling with PRP has long-lasting benefits, especially in treating conditions like acne scars, blemishes, and sunspots.

The Process

Microneedling NYC is done following a series of steps:
1. Initial consultation
2. The procedure, which takes about 60 minutes
3. In some cases, experts recommend additional procedures optimal results, spread 4 weeks apart
4. No downtime

With PRP Microneedling, your skin would not just look brighter and younger, but also feel smoother and softer.

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