As the years pass by, our skin starts to end up increasingly inclined to skin issues because of the harmful radiations of the sun. It is essential to know about effective skin care strategies so as to shield your skin from regular sun damage. The sun’s warmth dries out many unprotected skin areas and exhausts the skin’s supply of common greasing up oils. Also, the sun’s bright (UV) radiation can give rise to burning and long haul changes in the skin’s structure. Skin rejuvenation methods are a must if you want to maintain your aesthetic appeal. Keep reading to know more about the details of some of the signs, symptoms and the treatment of sun damage.  


Sun damage is basically a wide term that is utilized to explain any skin issue that is caused in light of an expanded period of sun exposure. Some of the most common suns damaged skin demonstrates the accompanying signs and symptoms:  

Dry skin:  Dry skin is a regular symptom of sun damage. When a particular part of your skin seems dry, flaky and somewhat more wrinkled compared to the skin on different parts of your body then it is a clear indication of sun damage.  

Sunburns: When the sunburn is mild, then a little pain and redness on exposed of the skin are felt. Much of the time, there are clear limit lines where the skin has been shielded from the sun radiations with the help of shirt sleeves, shorts, a swimsuit or other dress. Progressively extreme instances of sunburn create painful skin problems like blisters accompanied by nausea. 

Uneven Skin tone: When the skin gets exposed to harmful radiations then all the exposed areas of the skin get comparatively darker in tone.  

Changes in the skin’s collagen: Signs of collagen transformation incorporate lines, more profound wrinkles, thick skin surface and simple wounding on sun-uncovered territories, particularly the areas like the back of the hand or the forearms. 

Other symptoms: Many other symptoms like freckles, red spots, premature aging, and pigmentation irregularities start to occur because of continuous exposure to the harmful sun radiations.


With the help of skin rejuvenation techniques, you can free yourself from the sun damaged skin. A standout amongst the most well known and viable treatment for sun damaged skin is that of the PRP Microneedling, you can reliably diminish the appearance or decline the extent of most kinds of sun damage. At the Karmina Beauty Clinic, the technique of Microneedling NYC is performed by experts, utilizing best in class innovation, deductively proven to convey observable enhancements to treat the red spots, uneven skin tone, sun spots or wrinkles.

This treatment is a skin restoration treatment with quick healing time and is intended to stimulate collagen production in a better way. The treatment really includes the utilization of two techniques, small scale needling and PRP (platelet rich plasma) done successively. It is perfect and extremely effective for the treatment of sun damaged skin.

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