What is Eyebrow Microblading? Facts about Semi-Permanent Eyebrow and Microblading

Eyebrows frame your face and are easily one of the focus points of regular makeup. If you have sparse, odd-shaped eyebrows, Eyebrow Microblading is a good option. For the uninitiated, Eyebrow Microblading is the manual method of getting semi-permanent eyebrows. The process involves using a pigment in the surface layer of the skin or dermis, which helps in getting a natural eyebrow, without being reliant on eyebrow gels and fillers. At Karmina Beauty Clinic, we offer PhiBrows Microblading with options like Microneedling Skin Treatment.

Understanding PhiBrows Microblading

PhiBrows Microblading offers more natural results compared to the conventional method of eyebrow tattooing. The treatment imitates the strokes and direction of natural hair, ensuring that others can never really tell the difference. If you want something more, you can even go for the Ombre style. For people who don’t have enough eyebrow hair, PhiFusion is a good choice too. Microblading is considered to be a good choice for most people and is probably one of the most used and trusted forms of eyebrow enhancement. Karmina Beauty Clinic ensures that clients have all the relevant information, and as required, we can also combine this treatment with Microneedling with PRP for the skin.

Am I a good candidate?

As mentioned, Micro-blading works best for people, who want to fill in natural gaps in their eyebrows. This is a safe treatment, and we specialize in Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics in the region. The pigments used by our clinic are vegan and cruelty-free, and we take all the necessary steps required for safety, including dispensable sterile needles.

Why Microblading?

Micro-blading gets rid of your daily eyebrow-filling job, and the results are extremely dramatic, depending on how you like it. Eyebrows that are shaped well naturally frame the face, and you will never have to bother about extensive maintenance or using too many eyebrow products. In fact, for women who are always on the run and have no time for makeup, this is the ideal choice by all means.

If you still have your concerns, please refer to our website. We are open to sharing more details on Microblading and Microneedling NYC through an initial consultation session.

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