Did you know that chemical peel has been around for since as early as the 1800s! Skincare has seen many phases over the years. There was a time for every treatment. For example, Botox treatments became very popular in recent years. These were highly advertised and promoted by various public figures, especially actresses.

However long this treatment might have existed for, it saw the light when a reference was made in the movie ‘Sex and the City’, and we all know how that went! Samantha’s red face scared women to the extent that it is still associated with skin treatments going wrong.

We are here to bust this myth surrounding a highly effective and non-invasive treatment.

Chemical Peel FacialWhat is a chemical peel?

The basic principle behind this treatment is to apply a low concentration of a suitable acid to the facial skin. This dissolves the outermost layer of the skin tissue and induces the new growth of this layer. So, the superficial scarring on your skin can be treated this way. This can include scars due to acne, or other skin conditions. Of course, one of the conditions to get a facial peel Forest Hills is that the acne should be dormant and not active.

What are the types of chemical peels?

Chemical peels can be of three main types:

1. SUPERFICIAL PEEL: These are usually done for superficial or minimal scarring, or for general rejuvenation of the skin tissue. A very low concentration of acid is used.

2. MEDIUM-DEPTH PEELS: These act a little deeper than superficial peels. They are used when there is a considerable amount of sun damage or spots on the skin, which are not responding to topical skin treatments.

3. DEEP PEELS: These are used for serious skin conditions like severe acne scarring, etc. Usually, deep peels are not recommended for dark-skinned individuals.

Facial NYCSo ladies, here’s how a chemical peel works:

1. GET RID OF THE OIL: The first step is to cleanse the skin. This is done to get rid of any oil residue or dust particles on the skin, which might affect the efficacy of the treatment.

2. BLOCK UNWANTED AREAS: The areas where you don’t want the chemical peel Queens NY to work should be blocked by applying special ointments. These areas would include under eyes, lips and other sensitive areas of the face.

3. ACID APPLICATION: The appropriate acid is then applied to the skin. It is allowed to rest for the prescribed amount of time.

4. NEUTRALIZER APPLICATION: A neutralizer is required when the acid being used is that of a higher concentration. In the case of Superficial peels, a neutralizer might not be required, and the patient can wash off the acid after the recommended amount of time.

5. DOWNTIME: The amount of time for which sunlight and outdoor environment needs to be avoided varies considerably depending upon the intensity of the peel. A mild or superficial peel might require a few hours, whereas a deep peel may require you to remain protected for a week or so.

With all the important information being stated, make sure that you get the treatment done by a professional clinic like Karmina Beauty Clinic to get the best results.

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