Skin inflammation or acne scars can be the reason for severe physiological and social unsettling influences on the patients. Different methods have been utilized to treat the problem of acne problems and the scars it leaves such as chemical peels NYC, submissions, microdermabrasion, and lasers. However, one of the latest and most effective methods to treat this problem is that of is microneedling NYC.

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Acne Facial

A strong treatment is needed to get rid of a combination of acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Plus, when the scars have been there for a long time, it becomes even more challenging to diminish them.

Thankfully, the blend of glycolic acid acne and microneedling works wonders in this situation. This is a potent combination that is used to completely get rid of scars no matter how grave they may be. Both these treatments work by going deep inside the layers of the skin and performing the necessary healing. When used together, they can be very efficient in giving the patients a completely renewed and better-looking skin

The trained and professional experts at Karmina Beauty clinic use microneedling Nyc and almost 30-35% of Glycolic acid acne on the patients once a period every five to six weeks. The patients are then evaluated and the ratio of both things is then changed based on the progress of the patients.

RESULTS:Chemical Peel Facial

In light of the measurable investigation and the results that are seen after the treatment is completed, there is a noteworthy improvement in both the light, medium, and profound scars. One can additionally see a visible improvement in the skin’s surface and a decrease in post-acne pigmentation.

Microneedling is nothing but an effective and cost-effective technique with great results for the skin. When combined with glycolic acid on sacars, acne, and peels, it shows great results. It must also be noted that is safe and effective for dark skin types as well. The joint successive treatment can cause a huge improvement in the skin inflammation scars. People who have been suffering from serious acne scars can benefit immensely with the help of this treatment. It restores healthy skin with great confidence.

What is a Chemical or Glycolic Acid Peel?

A chemical peel is a cosmetic therapy used to scale off the skin. Glycolic acid derived from sugar beets, sugar cane, and several other substances is an alpha-hydroxy acid. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.   

The professionals use it as a chemical peel with medium strength. Microneedling combined with glycolic acid for acne scars removal produces outstanding results.   

Working on a Glycolic Acid Peel

– A glycolic acid peel casts off the skin’s layers, comprising the topmost and middle, clearing away the debris and dead cells of the skin.  

– It smooths out the skin’s surface to lessen acne scars while restraining the formation of melanin to decrease hyperpigmentation.  

– The acid includes small molecules which penetrate deep inside the skin, eradicating the lipids that embrace the skin’s dead cells. 

– The amount of glycolic acid present in the peel decides how intensely it can infiltrate the skin’s layers.

– It also releases extra oil from the roots of the hair follicle, which makes it a perfect therapy for the removal of acne scars. 

The professionals at Karmina Beauty Clinic use chemical peel and microneedling therapies together to treat acne scars effectively. This therapy is safe with no or minimal downtime.  

Importance of Microneedling with a Chemical Peel Therapy

– Chemical peels are non-invasive cosmetic treatments that professionals employ to restore and revitalize the skin. 

– Glycolic acid peels in combination with microneedling help in the treatment of: 

Acne scars 

fine lines surrounding the mouth and eyes 

sun damage, and, 

acne scarring as well. 

– Merging two effective cosmetic treatments, including chemical peel and microneedling, allows the experts at Karmina Beauty Clinic to offer you wonderful results. 

– This treatment targets various layers of the dermis and epidermis. 

Sessions Required for Acne Scar Removal

You might need many treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. The number of microneedling with glycolic acid sessions required for acne removal depends on your skin condition. An expert at the clinic will evaluate your skin and suggest therapy sessions for you. Most individuals receive 4 to 6 sittings depending on their skin type and needs.


Can Micro-needling and Glycolic Acid Be Used Together for Acne Scars Treatment?

Yes, experts can treat acne scars with a blend of glycolic acid peel and microneedling therapy. This treatment gives exceptional results, making your skin beautiful, smooth, and more glowing.   

Does A Chemical Peel Produce Collagen?

During the therapy, the damaged skin gets peeled away, making your skin look fresh, smooth, and revitalized. Besides, chemical peels produce elastin and collagen in your skin similar to microneedling. It keeps on improving results even after the completion of chemical peel therapy.

Are Chemical Peels Helpful in Preventing Acne Scarring?

– Handling your acne is crucial for the prevention of deep acne scarring.

– You can include chemical peels or glycolic acid for acne prevention in your skincare routine.

– It will be useful in decreasing breakouts and the risk of successive scarring. 

– Cosmetic professionals widely use glycolic acid to get rid of bacteria and dead skin cells that can cause acne while decreasing the production of sebum for some time.  

Chemical peel and microneedling are safe and effective techniques for acne scars removal. The simple technique, no major complications, and promising results make it one of the best acne scar removal treatment options. 

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