The skin inflammation or acne scars can be the reason of severe physiological and social unsettling influence on the patients. Different methods have been utilized to treat the problem of acne problems and the scars it leaves such as chemical peels NYC, submissions, microdermabrasion, and lasers. However, one of the latest and effective methods to treat this problem is that of is microneedling NYC.


A strong treatment is needed to get rid of a combination of acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Plus, when the scars have been there for a long time, it becomes even more challenging to diminish them.

Thankfully, the blend of glycolic acid acne and microneedling works wonders in this situation. This is a potent combination that is used to completely get rid of scars no matter how grave they may be. Both these treatments work by going deep inside the layers of the skin and perform the necessary healing. When used together, they can be very efficient in giving the patients a completely renewed and better-looking skin

The trained and professional experts at Karmina Beauty clinic use microneedling Nyc and almost 30-35% of Glycolic acid acne on the patients once in a period of every five to six weeks. The patients are then evaluated and the ratio of both the things is then changed based on the progress of the patients.

RESULTS:Chemical Peel Facial

In light of the measurable investigation and the results that are seen after the treatment is completed, there is a noteworthy improvement in both the light, medium, and profound scars. One can additionally see a visible improvement in the skin’s surface and a decrease in the post-acne pigmentation.

Microneedling is nothing but an effective and cost-effective technique with great results for the skin. When it combined with glycolic acid on sacars, acne, and peels, it shows great results. It must also be noted that is safe and effective for the dark skin types as well. The joint successive treatment can cause a huge improvement in the skin inflammation scars. People who have been suffering from serious acne scars can benefit immensely with the help of this treatment. It restores healthy skin with great confidence.

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