The harmful radiations of the sun are one of the most common reasons for many skin problems and sun damaged. This is the main reason why everyone must take care of their skin and know methods like Microneedling NYC that help in protecting the skin from damage. Any which is unprotected gets majorly affected by the radiations of the sun. These radiations dry our skin by affecting the production of greasing oils. The UV radiations are also the reason why our skin experiences burning sensation. Subjecting the skin to effective rejuvenation techniques serves to increase the aesthetic appeal of the skin and more than anything else, to keep the skin safe.

Chemical PeelThe skin problems that are caused because of increased exposure to the harmful radiations of the sun come under sun damaged skin. Sunburns which are caused as a result of sun damage cause pain and redness of any part of the skin that is left uncovered. More often than not, the sunburns are felt only on those parts of the skin which are not covered. If the skin is left exposed to the sun for a long time and the worst that can happen accompanies in the form of blisters and nausea. Some of the other common symptoms of the sun damage are uneven skin tone, dry skin, a difference in the collagen production, aging, red spots, acne, etc.


The aid of skin revival methods helps a person in getting rid of sun damaged skin. The best method that falls in the category of correcting the sun damaged skin is that of Microneedling with PRP. It is a treatment that can be widely trusted to remove any skin problems that are caused by sun damage. The experts of Karmina Beauty Clinic offer this treatment by using some of the best tools which are significantly helpful in the removal of any kind of dark spots, skin problems, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, etc. The treatment of microneedling is a skin restoration technique that does not involve long healing time by stimulating collagen production in a much better way. It involves two stages which are known as the small scale needling and PRP done one after the other.

The recovery time after the completion of the treatment is almost negligible. The skin of the patient becomes warm and has a little redness. This goes away within the period of one week in which it is advised to stay away from the sun and any kind of strenuous activities. Any patient who is suffering from sun damaged skin can get rid of the issue with the help of micro needling. The patient, however, must have good knowledge about the process and how it can be helpful in improving skin problems. The patients must be confident that the treatment of microneedling NYC will help them get an extraordinary, radiant, youthful and bright skin that will ultimately play an important role in boosting their self-confidence

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